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This page will be open and available for posting and viewing photos of Bolens tractors that are submitted by anyone with interest in Bolens tractors. We hope that this page will help you with identification questions and proper paint schemes and decal layouts for restoration projects. To submit a photo please e-mail a color scanned photo of your tractor to us with a short history of your tractor. Send .jpg or .gif files only please. If you have Bolens photos on your site currently, please let us know and we will provide a link to your site from ours. Thank you and enjoy the pics!

Bolens Tractor Photos
Roy Asbjornsen's recently restored 1886 - with Johnson Loader
As you can see, Roy has done a very nice job on his tractor and loader. The engine was completely overhauled. The hood, fender and steering column was powder painted close to the original Bolens beige. The tractor frame, engine etc. was painted with Rustoleum Hammerite silver - for lack of a match to the Bolens beige. The loader was also painted with Rustoleum Hammerite paint that looks to be a very close match to the original Johnson loader yellow/gold. We supplied the new Kohler engine parts and new decals for his restoration.

DSCF0007.JPG (653755 bytes)  DSCF0005.JPG (646696 bytes)  DSCF0003.JPG (341548 bytes)  Loader.jpg (1037400 bytes)

Mika's HT23
Hello, I'm sending some pictures of our Bolens from Kalmar Sweden, working great summer and winter. My kids like to ride in it, and me too of course. Best regards from Mika.

HPIM1020.JPG (64577 bytes)  HPIM1091.JPG (57651 bytes)

Henry Nelms' 1963 800
I found this tractor sitting behind a garage. It was no trouble to get running again. Sand blasted and repainted it. It runs great now!

henrynelms-bolens800.jpg (67230 bytes)

Dwayne Mackey's 1000
Here are some pics of my Bolens 1000  thanks for the help and for the parts. I will send some more as I finish it.

000_0149.jpg (269002 bytes)  000_0154.jpg (261060 bytes)  000_0150.jpg (249185 bytes)  000_0107.jpg (336744 bytes)

Gary Smith's 1050
I got this 1050 when I bought my first house in Ma. back in 1975. It sat around for 10 years, then I got it out of storage, did some restoration and have been using it to plow, work in my garden and whatever else since.  You might notice the winch I mounted on the works great for lifting attachments too heavy for the manual handle...I need to modify it to work for other attachments such as my cultivator, garden plow..etc.

10500002.JPG (52731 bytes) 10500004.JPG (32047 bytes) 10500003.JPG (48207 bytes) 10500005.JPG (47923 bytes)

Larry Shepard's
Restored HT20

lashepasht20-2.jpg (27585 bytes)

Larry Shepard's
Restored HT20

lashepasht20-1.jpg (28955 bytes)

I found your site, and thought I would send along a jpg of my 1053 from over here in Connecticut ,,,,  It's got a rebuilt Wisconsin, a 42" deck which needs some work on the gear drive, a 36" snow blower, and this Tomahawk front mounted Chipper..  I haven't been able to find any info or other pictures of this chipper.
Keep up the good work !!

                     Steve Wincze  Canton CT  
     BOLENS WITH TOMAHAWK.JPG (222969 bytes)
Mark Coleman's
Bolens 1476
Bolens 1476 008.jpg (114399 bytes)
These are two 1977 HT 20 Bolens tractors restored by Greg Conley and Chad Keas

 1977-HT20.jpg (59044 bytes)
David Darding's G14

DDarding-G14.jpg (78653 bytes)

Real Nice

1250.JPG (264014 bytes)

J Baumler's 1054  - Blowin' Snow!

IMG_0246.JPG (440297 bytes)         Picture_042_Large.jpg (88716 bytes)

Ron Opszynski 1225

1225ronopszynski.jpg (45876 bytes)

George Schmitt's 1254

1254schmitt.JPG (64771 bytes)

Rich Ball's QT16 (Harley)

RBall-QT16.jpg (104655 bytes)
John Scheele's 800 and HT23 w/blade

800andHT23.jpg (87408 bytes)

John Scheele's 800 w/blower and soft cab

800andCab.jpg (25010 bytes)

John Scheele's 800 w/Dillie Maguire Reels

800withreels.jpg (40847 bytes)

J Schuster's G152

bolens 005.jpg (784849 bytes)

Tim Stallard's 800

800stallard.JPG (42759 bytes)

1477 w/Johnson Forklift Front or Rear View?

1477forklift2.jpg (62771 bytes)

Sonny's 1477 w/optional Johnson Forklift

1477forklift1.jpg (54886 bytes)

  Lee Hone's
1256 w/blade

1256leehone.jpg (38046 bytes)

G174 Diesel
with 1517

G174-1.jpg (60268 bytes)

G174 Diesel

G174-2.jpg (64555 bytes)

  Sonny's 1886

s_1886.jpg (58416 bytes)

Bolens Diesel

H1502-1.jpg (397024 bytes)


1886-1.jpg (61379 bytes)

More Bolens Photos In Gallery 2



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