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Keeping the memories alive..........

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Welcome to our school website.

This site is for the former pupils of Brownley Green Secondary School(later South Wythenshawe High School...South Manchester High School).

Also pupils from Moss Nook Secondary Modern School
(later South Wythenshawe High School)
are also welcome.

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Brownley Green 1970 (approx)

The autumn of 2001 saw the end of an era for the the local community.

The demolition of South Manchester High School ended the link between the generations of people that attended the school.

The local education authority in their wisdom decided the school was no longer needed, and decided to continue the destruction of Wythenshawe schools that first began 20yrs ago.

Remember Sharston High School, South Wythenshawe High School(lower) aka Moss Nook, St. Augustines , Yew Tree and now the original Wythenshawe High School has finally been demolished.

This site has a few aims, the main one celebrate the thousands of Wythenshawe children that walked through the corridors of the two schools, also to share our memories of the teachers and events that shaped our lives.

Perhaps the local education authorities can learn from our experiences why local schools are so important, and not to treat them with distain.

Moss Nook site 1970 (approx)

Remember the school song, i do on the sound file (below), to hear a great rendition.It took weeks of research to find this file, so i hope you enjoy it.

Did you know ??
Our teachers had their own special version of the school hymn, it  has taken me many months of research to find this copy.
I believe this version was secretly recorded in the South Wythenshawe Lower School staff room, after the teaching staff had received their pay slip.
Many thanks the numerous ex pupils that lost their lives securing this archive classic.

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