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Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis FanFic Challenges

~*I will post a new Challenge every Sunday*~

"To all the people who come to this happy place . . . Welcome." Walt Disney

Site Updates:

4/16/05: The site is born!!

4/17/05: My Bio is finished.

4/20/05: Added pics on the menu. So now it's all spiffy. :)

4/23/05: I added Challebge #2. I have one response to the first challenge. Thank you, Jess!!  And you may still send me a response, even after the week is over. I will be more than happy to post it here. :)

4/24/05: I did a whole buncha stuff. I added a Comments page. Tell me what you think. Like the design of the site? Hate it? Let me know!  I also added a page counter to keep track of visitors.

4/28/05: There's two stories from the first challenge. Thank you Jessica and Christine! I will have the links pages up soon. That will probably tomorrow's task.

4/30/05: Okay all of the links are up.

5/1/05: A submission for the second challenge is up. Thank you AMAC! You rock! New Challenge is up for the week of 5/1-5/7. Get writting!

5/7/05: I got the new Challenge up gor this coming week. I also added a quote by Walt Disney. If anyone haven't heard: It's Disneyland's 50th Birthday. And I was there for the Opening Day events. I'll have more on that in a couple of days.

5/8/05: Added a Crossover fic from Christine. :)

5/15/05: Added a new Challenge for the week. Have fun.

5/21/05: I have the next Challenge up. Waiting on any submissions for number 5.

5/2/05: I added a new Challenge for next week. Sorry I missed last week's. I am waiting on two challenges from Christine. Hopefully they will be in soon.

6/7/05: Added two Challenges from Christine. One for Challenge 4 and one for Challenge 5. And Congrates for my 100th visitor! :)

6/19/05: Sorry I skiped last weeks challenge. it was chaos at work. last week of school and no one knows what the hck was going on. My internet has been down as well. I've been trying to fix it.

6/26/05: I will be leaving the past Challenges up. I won't be posting a new Challenge for this week. I am in dire need of catching up on some sleep and other things. We're getting ready to remodle our house.

7/4/05: I hope everyone is ahaving a wonderful and safe Independance Day! I added a new Challenge this week.

7/13/05: Christine sent in Challenge #7. It's great! And I'm waiting on  Challenge #9 from Jess too. I am busy typing up my reeprt from the Stargate BurbankCon I attended all three days this past weekend. So, I've been busy.

7/24/05: Christine has sent in Challenge #6. It's a great one. I'm taking a break on adding new Challenges. Mostly, I haven't thought of any. And, because we're starting to design our new part of the house and my mom wants me to help. I have a knack for Interior Design. What should I say? :)

9/16/05: Christine answered Challenge number 8. It's agreat one, go read! I feel so bad not updateing. My internet has not benn working, again. Blagh!!! And I got a new Challenge up. :)


#10 For the week of 9/18-9/24:
  • I want a Stargate/CSI Las Vegas X-Over.
  • Team fic.
  • One of the SG-! team is an old friend of Nick Stokes.
  • For SG-1 it takes place in Season 9. CSI:LV takes place in it's newest Season (6)


#9 For the week of 7/3/05
  • Atlantis fic
  • Episode Tag for Thirty-Eight Minutes
  • Sheppard/McKay Friendship


#8 Week of 6/19-6/25:
  • A fun SG-1 fic
  • SG-1 goes to Disneyland!
  • Jack discovers Sam and Daniel's relationship.
  • Any season. Preferably season 7-8. Pete doesn't exist in my world.


#7 for the week of 6/5-6/11:
  • Another crossover fic.
  • All of SG-1 get's to go to Atlantis.
  • A team fic with a little bit of Sam/Daniel ship if you wish.
  • The rest is up to you


#6 For the week of 5/22-5/28.
  • Atlantis/SG-1 AU crossover fic
  • Daniel is put in charge instead of Weir.
  • Daniel gets tro bring one member of SG-1 along, it's Sam.
  • Yes, another Sam?Daniel fic. I'm a shipper, what can I say?
  • Someone must say "Can I have my shirt back please?"


#5: For the week of 5/15-5/21.
  • Atlantis Fic
  • Episoade Tag to Hot Zone
  • Sheppard/Weir Friendship. Nothing Shippy.
  • Nice and dramatic please

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