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My French experience was a combination of good, bad and ugly. Paris is a great city and even five full days is not good enough to see and experience all of Paris. It is good that Paris has so much to offer, bad because it is almost impossible to find decent vegetarian food and ugly because nobody speaks English. It is so much a French attitude about English than anything else. Motorists were honking at people crossing on pedestrian walks when they had a green light to cross ! I have read about the notorious French reputation but to experience it first hand was quite disgusting !

Paris is a huge city and if you thought you can generally navigate yourself around easily you are mistaken. The good and the bad again ! The Paris metro system is as complex and confusing as comprehensive it could possibly be. You would waste a lot of time trying to figure out which train to take from Point A to B. The fact that nobody speaks English compounds problems for real. The sights we checked out were the Eiffel Tower,Champs De Elysees, Palace of Versailles, Royal Palace, Hotel De Ville, Palace and Musee D'Louvre, La Defense, Grand Arche and Arche De Triumphe. We also took a boat cruise by night along the Seine. We did try to go to Paris Miniature but it was closed due to the winter season.

I think so much would have been written and said about Paris, there is not much I could add to that. Any French person reading what I have written above wouldn't be too pleased and I could not care less, as I have no plans of visiting their country again.

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