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Hollywood, California


Hollywood is beautiful ! It is one place only meant for the rich & the famous. We visited Universal Studios in Hollywood, home to many a Hollywood blockbuster. Universal studios is a city in itself, yeah, it is so huge !

Universal studios have some magnificent stunt shows from blockbuster Hollywood movies stage managed by professionals, for the visitors. One has to be lucky to be at the right place at the right time as so many things keep going on all around the studios. I got a chance to see some water stunts from the Kevin Costner mega movie Waterworld. There is a water pool in which they do all the stunts which are truly breathtaking. There are cross fires & bomb explosions for real & sometimes you get scared whether you'll get hurt. Its all beautifully done by some of the best stunt artistes in this World !

Another stunt show I saw was from the movie King Kong. One huge King kong attacks a tram in which we are all sitting ! It is really scary ! The same tram passes through a river & there is a sudden flood. The tram starts shaking & you'll start wondering if you are going to be washed away ! Its just too good ! Also part of the ride is an earthquake which happens when the tram is passing through a dark tunnel. There is fire everywhere & even a truck comes hurtling down towards the tram. Its is very scary but it is all done with safety as the top priority. They must have done a zillion shows like this & to my knowledge there has never been any mishap whatsoever !

Perhaps the best part of Universal studios I saw was the ride through Jurassic park. It is a water ride through a Jurassic forest & you can get to see animated Dinosaurs moving around ! The finale to the ride is a massive & steep fall & you'll keep falling & falling as if there is no end ! Ooooh......really amazing !

Universal studios is one place you really wouldn't want to miss !


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