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New York ! New York !


New York is New York ! The city is so vibrant & full of life only very few other cities can come close to. It is not just the skyscrapers that is great about New York as skyscrapers you see in almost every city, but the hustle & bustle which makes life very fast. You would see that everybody is walking so fast either to make it to an appointment or to catch a train or a bus, whatever ! Nobody seems to have time for anybody else as they are all caught up in their own so much !

New York is truly a great city so full of life ! If it does not happen in New York, it is probably not happening anywhere else ! Whether it is art or theatre or cuisine or night life, nothing comes close to New York. The subway systems here are just mind boggling & that too constructed so many years back ! You have these huge skyscrapers climbing to tens of floors making it to tons & tons of heavy steel, standing on the ground above & yet you have all these subway trains running on the ground below & guess what, at different levels !

Manhattan is one of the costliest cities in the World & probably every inch of space costs a fortune. Yet you have a huge central park in the city contributing to vital lung space. If the city wants to sell off the land they'll probably make billions of dollars. New York is also home to one piece of property that no country in this World owns. Yes it is the United Nations, standing on the banks of the East river !

Any write up of New York will not be complete without a mention of those amazing bridges & tunnels that connect Manhattan to the other burroughs of New York & ofcourse New Jersey. The George Washington bridge, the Holland & Lincoln tunnels are real engineering marvels constructed way ahead of their time. New York is also home to a couple of the tallest buildings in the World, the Empire state building & the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

The Library & the many museums in New York are not only huge but really World class. You can almost find anything & everything in these museums. The Village, as it is called, is home to some to hundreds of pubs serving thousands of varities of beer one can possible find. Located here is McSorley's the oldest pub in the World & here itself you can find some hundred odd varities of beer !

Finally Wall Street ! Do I have to say anything about Wall Street ?

And you thought I forgot about The statue of Liberty ? Hold on ! Statue of Liberty is actually in New Jersey ! Yes it is in the Ellis island which is part of New Jersey even though historically it has always been associated with NY. My office was located on the banks of the Hudson river which seperated NY & NJ. From my desk I could see the famous skyline of Manhattan plastered in many a picture postcard !


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