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Niagara Falls


Perhaps the best sight I have ever seen in my life is the Niagara Falls. It is spectacular, majestic, awe-inspiring, magnificent, amazing, wonderful, it is just all of them together !

I would have almost missed visiting Niagara as I kept postponing due to the fact that it was not very far (in American terms) from NJ. It suddenly dawned on me one fine day of September 1997 that Niagara falls normally close by September end ! That weekend, early on saturday morning I drove like a maniac to Niagara non-stop, all 420 miles in six hours, not all that far, really. It was more than worth the drive as Niagara is one sight you shouldn't miss for anything in this World ! Even if you keep watching the falls for hours together you wouldn't get bored. Actually the more you see, the more you would want to see ! Such is the overpowering feeling of sensation created by the majesty of the Niagara Falls.

The best part of the visit to Niagara was getting up, close & personal to the fury of the falls on a boat, called the Maid of the Mist. Yes, Niagara generates so much mist that it reaches so high on to the sky. The boat gets so close, yes as close as about 100 feet away from the falls, you get to see the full view of the Horse shoe falls from very close. It is truly a magnificent sight !

Then there is the Cave of the Winds trip on one of those smaller falls comprising the Niagara Falls. Here you put on a waterproof jacket & walk underneath the falls to experience its fury. Its a chance to get wet, if you wish to really, on those ice cold waters !

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