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Lost money in Las Vegas ? Don't worry,  I also belong to the same club as you ! One does not have to try hard to lose money here as it comes so naturally ! Las Vegas is a mad mad mind boggling place. The casinos here are huge and one would easily get lost in the maze inside ! There are so many different things happening here & it is no place to be in if you are counting your pennies ! Las Vegas is not just a place only for gamblers. It is also famous for the real quick weddings organised & finished in no time that so many weddings go on in a day on these casinos.

I tried my luck with the so many varities of slot machines. You just get hooked to it once you start playing ! I spent so many hours & as a direct result lost so much as well ! Las Vegas gets transformed into a glittering zone in the night ! The Las Vegas boulevard, also called the Strip is full of casinos, all glittering in the night, competing with the stars ! It is so nice to take a walk along the Strip in the night !

Las Vegas also has a couple of neck breaking rollercoasters both of which I took. One is on top of a huge tower & another is on the casino named NewYork ! NewYork ! where there is also a replica of the statue of Liberty.