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San Francisco is not the typical American city you would see ! Its is quite different, so different actually, that you see many beggars on the streets ! It is not banned for the simple fact that it is considered part of the city's life ! There is nothing ugly about the beggars as you would get disgusted in India. It is not a hype just because it is America, but is really true that you don't shy away from the beggars as they are generally harmless who are looking for dimes, nickels and quarters.

San Francisco is beautiful because the whole city is on a hill. You have the beach on one side which forms a bay. From the beach you can get a full view of San Francisco on the hill. Another thing you wouldn't find on any other city in America are the good old electric trams. It is funny that these are still running on the main thoroughfares of San Francisco but thats the way it is. It is considered part of San Francisco's heritage & ofcourse a big draw with the tourists.

The Golden Gate bridge ! One of the most famous bridges in the World both for its look & the engineering marvel that it is. We took a boat ride & went under the bridge. This is when the size of the bridge hits you hard. Its is huge, massive & extremely long. Located on the same bay is also the Bay bridge so many miles long & must be one among the longest bridges on this planet.

Then there is the Alacatraz island. It is very famous for the prison that was there once upon a time & it is said that nobody, ever, managed to escape from this prison. Logically the reasons are not far to fetch. The water is icecold that anyone would freeze to death in a matter of minutes & even if one has got protective gear the water is infected with sharks waiting to get a bite of you !

If you like crabs then San Francisco is the place to be in ! You get huge crabs full of juice & they are very tasty ! You can find so many stalls by the side of the sea selling crab delicacies. Want to give it a try ?