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I thought UK is a big country much like the US. Apparently I had not got my geography lessons right ! London Heathrow is one of the best airports in the world and not without reason. UK has probably the strongest economy in Europe and London is a world reknowned financial centre. Some interesting places I have been to in the UK so far are London City, Windsor & Warwick castles,City of Bath and Stratford-upon-Avon.

London is a beautiful city full of sights to see. A day is not good enough to see all of London. If you are looking to prioritize your time, you would probably want to see Madam Tussauds, Tower of London and the Tower Bridge,Westminster and the Big Ben, Trafalgar Square with an evening stroll down the Piccadilly Circus. Don't forget to take a boat ride down the Thames ! The Tower Bridge is synonymous with London. Yes, I'm sure if you have seen a picture of a bridge in London, it's got to be it !

Windsor Castle is not too far off from London. It's a huge and magnificent castle but the pity is they don't let you see many parts of castle. Guess why ? Apparently the Queen still comes there once in a while ! So much so for security !

Warwick Castle experience is much better as you can go to all parts of the Castle. It's indeed 'smashing' as the English would say ! You can climb all the towers which offer great views of Warwick and its surroundings. There is a ghost chamber which is supposed to be a haunted place. You can see all the state apartments with wax structures of people, which gives a view of how things would have looked when the castle was in use by the Royals.

Oh God ! Bath is 'lovely'! The best attractions in Bath are the city's landscape itself being on a hill, Roman baths, Bath Abbey and the Impossible Microworld. There is a hot spring inside the Roman Bath which is basically due to a fault on the Earth's crust. Its indeed amazing to note that the hot water we see on the surface must have started its journey ten thousand years back or that's what they claim atleast !

Statford is a neat little town on the Avon river. The fact that it is the birthplace of William Shakespeare makes it even better. Half a day is just about right to spend in Stratford and a must see is Shakespeare's house.