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I lived in Denver for about four months and this gave me an opportunity to go around Colorado a bit. Denver is much unlike other cities I have been to in the US. Its cleaner, quieter, crime free and people are more friendly but one does miss the vibrance of a New York or an LA. Denverites are sports crazy which shows in their support of the local teams Avalanche and Nuggets. Though I had lived in the States for a year and a half earlier, I never used to watch Ice hockey before I lived in Denver. Now I'm both crazy about the sport as well as the Avs ! I was told that since the time Pepsi Center was opened a few years back, each & every Avs game has been a sellout till now!

Boulder is a neat little city close to Denver. Being on the foothill of a mountain gives boulder a charming look. Denver & Boulder both have a mall street where you can pretty much shop for everything you want. Walking up & down the Denver 16th street mall was one of my favourite pastimes.

Colorado is beautiful with its snow capped mountains, lakes and all natural sights. It is without a doubt, one of the best places for skiing in the world. The best part of our trip around Colorado were not just our destinations but the scenic drive to those places. The sights we kept seeing were really magnificent and I can also never tire talking about the great roads America has even on the top of a mountain.

Aspen is awesome with its great slopes and its one place really meant for the rich & famous. Some of the houses we saw there were truly magnificent. We spent a day at Aspen and then drove down to a place called Pueblo. The next day we went to Canyon city which is gorgeous. Yes, one must see the Royal Gorge Bridge as it just takes your breath away.

With my gang at the boulder mall
One of Aspen's great views
Cable car ride to the mountain top at Aspen
More Aspen...