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Hawaii is a collection of beautiful islands, so far away from mailland USA that it is closer to Japan ! It was indeed a very very long journey from New York to Honolulu. It was snpwing the day I took from Newark & so I missed my connecting flight from Chicago. I had to then go to Los Angeles & take another flight to Honolulu. In the end it took me one full day of flying to get there !

Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii is in the Oahu island. Honolulu is best known for its Waikiki beach. Oahu is the most beautiful island among the Hawaiian islands. It is full of the dream beaches one gets to see only in pictures. In some of the beaches you can see the sand so clean & the water green & blue and so crystal clear. The North shore in Oahu is the surfing paradise of this World where one can see so many surfers riding those huge waves you would have seen only in movies !

We took a submarine dive to a depth of 100 feet in the ocean which was a remarkable experience. It was thrilling to see so many different varities of exotic ocean creatures including fish in many different colors. We would normally see such things only in an aquarium & it was great to see it natural.

The next day we flew to the Big Island of Hilo. Located here in this island are the most active volcanoes of this World. This island is very thinly populated & many who live here are none other than lava junkies ! A few years back the volcano erupted & a considerable part of the island was consumed by the hot lava ! The volcanoes are smouldering throughout the year & nobody knows for sure when they'll erupt & with what magnitude & force. The most enthralling part of our visit to Hilo was our 40 minute chopper ride over the active volcanoes. We could see the red hot lava coming out of the rocks & flowing into the sea ! Because lava constantly flows through to the sea the sand is black & hence the beaches here are called the black sand beaches

Skyline of Honolulu
One of the pristine beaches on Oahu
Nature's fury when one force meets the other
Lave flows into the Ocean
The chopper we rode over the live volvanoes !
Volcanoes National Park in Big Island
Peral Harbor