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Hello there !

Thanks for visiting my web site !

This is my personal web site where you get to know a little more about me. As you would see, most of the content revolves around my travel as thats my passion. The other thing I'm crazy about is driving fast even thought there are very limited opportunities for that in India.

I love travelling ! My ambition to be a globetrotter  & see all the magnificent sights the World has in store for us ! Truly indeed, life is  very short & we are gifted to be born in this World & would it not be a waste of  our lifetime if we cannot make use of this grand opportunity  to explore the World ? By God's grace I've had the opportunity to see some of the magnifecnt places & I would like to share those experiences with you,here !

I hope you had an easier time navigating to & loading my personal web site ! I hope you find this site interesting & meaningful.I would appreciate if you can take a few minutes to give me your valuable feedback. I can be reached at

Finally, word of thanks to the folks at Tripod for giving me space on the web to show case all my junk !!..:-)

See ya !

Yup ! Thatz me !! Don't get scared !!!
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