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< My Familiar, Artemis


This is my beautiful familiar, Artemis. She's so special to me -- the most special kitty to me in the entire Earth Plane.

I like to sneak Artemis in the house -- I have since she was a kitten. My retarded step-dad doesn't let our animals in the house, so I have to sneak her. We like to watch movies together, take walks, watch the sun set in the summer, pick herbs together -- of course, I do the picking and she just rolls around on the grass -- and run away from the dogs; Abigail and Fizz Gig. They always seem to annoy her, so we try to hide from them. LOL! She's always been there to comfort me when I'm sad. I know she understands. She licks my tears away and purrs at me when I cry; and she was the first animal I ever spoke to telepathically. She's the sweetest kitty I know and has never hurt me, and I love her. My sweet astral guardian and protectress. Here's some more pics.

This is a silly pic that I made ^_^!!

This is the midi from Artemis' and my favorite and 1st movie, "Braveheart"