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Divination Spells

The art of divination is an old one, and a very hard difficult one to master. Well, at least in MY opinion. Very difficult...but not impossible. There are also many many ways to divine the future. Here are a few ways to do so[there's also some things here on prophecy]:
Fire Divination
Once the fire has died to a glowing reddish-white mass of coals, stare into its
heart. If you wish, throw some Fire of Azrael incense onto the coals (equal
parts cedar, juniper & sandalwood). This will flare up & burn, but will
quickly die down.
With the scented smoke rising from the divination incense scry in the coals.
See what shapes the charred wood seem to form, & determine their
meaning through the language of symbolism.
Bark Divination
Take a broad, thin piece of bark. put it into a bright fire until it catches
flame then quickly set it a little distance from the fire.
When it has stopped burning, carefully stare at the symbols visible in the
charred ash-laden wood.
BEST TIME: Full Moon
Fill the cauldron half-full of fresh water. Stir the caudlron gently three times
with your fingers. With a lighted candle, slowly drip spots of wax into the
swirling water.
The Prophecy is read by interpreting the images seenin the wax, much like
reading tea leaves. Boats, clouds and horses usually signigy journeys or
movement. The Sun, Moon and stars indicate spiritual growth and/or life's
successes. Develop your own interpretations for the images.
To Gain Prophecies
BEST TIME: Waxing Moon
Fill the cauldron half-full of water and place it on a table where you can see
comfortably into it while seated.
Light 2 purple candles and a good divination incense; a combination of
mugwort and wormwood work well. Arrange the candles so their light does
not shine into the water in your eyes. Focus your attention on the bottom of
the cauldron, your hands placed lightly on either side. Breathe gently into
the water and say:
    Cauldron, reveal to me that which I seek
    Great Mother, open my inner eye that I may truly see.
Empty your mind as much as possible; remian relaxed while looking deep
into the cauldron waters. The answer may come in images in the water,
picture in your mind and strong bursts of "knowing".

And, as it says in "Teen Witch", you can make your own divination stones. Find 2 stones, about equal in size, and cleanse and concecrate them in the heavenly name of the Goddess. Then, paint one white and one black and find a small bag to put them in. With my divination stones, the white one is yes, and the black is no. You can have it which ever way you want, but chose one to be yes, and the other to be no. To answer a yes or no question, ask Spirit your question, and pull out your stone.

A fun way to tell the future is making a cake. I made this one up because I love cakes -- one of the finer foods of life -- and they're just plain fun to make. Anyway, after you have just frosted that beautiful piece of dessert, look in the patterns in the frosting -- just gaze. Look for little figures in the frosting -- after asking Spirit for some help, of course -- and you'll discover some signs of the future. Hey, many witches may think it's silly, but it works for me.

Yet, another way of telling the future, is asking Spirit, or Goddess, or God and just closing your eyes and clearing your mind. It DOES work, you know ^_^!