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About OST
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The OST Nashville,TN Altar 2006

The Order of Saint Thomas, EIM is a Religious Order created to serve the needs of people and communities that usually are excluded from traditional mainstream Churches or those that dont fell comfortable in mainstream churches and mega churches.
Our members are very diverse and we like that. Our 1st rule as Liberal Catholics is freedom of thought in translating scripture, Creeds and Tradition.
 It may be a hard concept at first, but as a contemporary Order carrying out our ancient Mission The OST is like a Monastery without walls.
  Our Vowed Religious in Orders have many interests and many have a non-traditional viewpoints.The OST welcomes our diverse members.
OST General memebers/Oblates are free in all areas of thought and do not to have an interest in the special religious studies of our Clergy and Vowed religious.
Oblate members may only want the services of Clergy and  access to traditional sacraments.That is ok, we are glad to be here for you. Simply contact us, our clergy are available for baptisms, weddings, funerals, visits etc.
For those interested in Holy Orders as OST Religious, again, simply contact us. Out side of our Liberal Catholic duties and our traditional mission and work as a religious order, Many of our members are open to esoteric studies. All members are encouraged and free to do so if they wish.
We use the term esoteric not as "exclusive to a closed enlightened few" but in its most common terms as a focused study like that of any professional or field of specialized knowledge. 
 Basic training for those seeking religious vows within the Order is along the lines of Esoteric Christianity, The Gospel of Thomas and the 7 Rays as applied to Liberal Catholic tradition.
OST Religious will be well versed in
1. Old Catholic and Liberal Catholic History
2.The use of her two official rosaries
3. Study of Our patron saints, St.Thomas the Apostle to India and Our Lady of Chartes.
4. Basic studies in Aramaic. It was the language Christ and the Apostles spoke and taught in.
Honoring our Patron Saint, we maintain a slight eastern flavor and study the history of his mission in India. Our religious also focus on the study of the Chakras and the seven rays as our special mission whithin the Liberal Catholic tradition. 
 Chakras Teachings used by Esoteric Christians such as CW Leadbeater, Annie Beasent. 
The 7 Rays used by Liberal Catholics in the Holy Mass,
 As always, members are free to think as they wish .
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Any one may join us without discrimination of any kind.
Associate, general members and members at large are called:
  Oblates; (Non-Vowed Memebers) are the back bone of the OST, They are the friends that believe in the Mission and work of the OST and support the work with their time ,skills and funding,to make it all possible.
 Oblates do not need to take vows and so come from all walks of life, can be members of other denominations, and other faiths and paths. 
  Religious are Vowed members of the Order, so obviously must be more focused on our special mission and be very active members of the Order.
In short we have
2.Postulant= A candidate for admission into a religious order.
4.Vowed friars and religious clergy

Clc.Jeff and Gavin/TAZ
Constructing The New Chicago Mother House March 2008