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St. Paul's Catholic Church

Youth Group

    St. Paul's Catholic Church Youth Group

Welcome to the St. Paul's Catholic Church Youth Group! The Youth Group is dedicated to doing Good and having Fun! Everyone in middle and high school is welcome. Monthly calendars are available in the Church or in the mailbox of the youth hut. The youth hut is located at 435 2nd Ave. North across from St. Paul's Catholic School main entrance.

St. Paul's Youth Group Directors are Andy and Brandi Christovich.
Contact them on
249-7133 (office), 434-2893 (cell) or

Youth Activities this month!

High School Youth
September 15th,22nd, 29th, Wednesdays
“Stay Connected”
6:30-8 pm@ Youth Hut
All High school students invited!! Bring Friends. Dinner will be served!

Thank You!!
Brandi Christovich

RSVP to all events .

Contact and RSVP information 
cell # 434-2893
Andy & Brandi Christovich


All Youth Group Members must have a Permission Slip and a Medical Release Form for each event. Download Diocesan Permission Slip and Medical Release Forms

ALL YOUTH GROUP MEETINGS ARE HELD IN THE YOUTH GROUP HUT ON THE CORNER OF 5th ST. and 2nd Ave. N. unless an alternate location is specified!!!