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Welcome to my site, enjoy!

Someone is always watching over you.

Please be kind to others.

Taken October 2004

My Views:  I have learned so much in my lifetime but especially over the last couple of years.  When you think of someone wondering how they are doing...give them a call.  If you are thinking of how much you care for someone, tell them.  We are all blessed in our own way...when you think of the good things in your life, Thank God.  The lesson I would like to share is don't put things off, tomorrow may be too late and if you think things are so bad in your life...remember it can ALWAYS get worse.

Brad and George's Firebird

Yahoo! Check out yahoo my opinion, the best around

This is my personal site mainly for family and friends but anyone is welcome.  Feel free to browse as I will be posting some good info for everyone.

Stacey and Ron January 2005

I started this page on December 27, 2000. Updated July 26, 2002.  Today is December 25, 2002 and a lot has changed. Updated March 15, whole world had changed.  Updated January 17, 2005.

Stace and Ron November 2004