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Practical Methods of passing UAs

The following are a description -in detail- of some ways to can clean a UA. If you are attempting to clean a UA, there are some things you must first put in to concideration. First of all, you must concider the specific gravity test, this test is to make sure that the urine sample is yours and not someone elses, if you do use someone elses urine, you must use the same persons and never someone elses. When doing this you must also use the sample from the start. This isn't always tested for, but it is not worth the risk. Another test is th PH test, this is to make sure that you did not try to flush your system out with a lot of water.

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One of the oldest tricks in the book is to drink a lot of cranberry juice or a lot of vinigar. If you choose this method, you must take a lot of vitamin E while diong this or else it will offset the PH test(not recomended). Another method is to drink a gallon of water the day before the test and take some vitamine E while doing this(alsow not recomended). All in all, the best method for cleaning out a UA is to take Niacin, Niacin(vitamin B-3) is an over the counter supplament that you can buy at youre loacal drug store. All you need to do is to take ten(100mg tablets) every day and you will have a clean UA!(this is assuming you smoke pot every day) If not, take the recomended dose daily, and take the ten tablets on smokey days. This concludes my page on UA flushing, have plenty of high times risk free.

NOTE:-Take 1000mg of niacin before going to sleep the day before the UA, then take 500mg of niacin that morning. Only take niacin on a full stomach and drink water moderately(8 to 12 glasses). If niacin is taken on an empty stomach, you will be accompanyed by a slight sunburn-like sensation, EAT!.

Update: New UA technology allows chemists to trace LSD(acid) in youre urinary tract. I will be working on some methods of flushing that.

Update: Golden seal shows up on UAs as a positive result, so it is not a reliable method of UA flushing. Allergy medications and cough suppressents will alsow show as positive.

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