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General Bible Books

1. The Cross and Salvation by Demarest. Doctrine of salvation. Large paperback $10.00

2. One Lord, One Faith by Koivisto. Theology , cross denominational, renewal $12.50

3. Kingdom of Priests by Merrill. History of Old Testament Israel. Large paperback. $10.00

4. Basic Bible Interpretation by Zuck $7.50

5. Theological Dictionary of the New Testament by Kittle. Abridged. One volume by Bromlley. $45.00

6. Major Bible Prophecies by Wal $12.50

7. Biblical Preaching by Haddon Robinsa. $10.00

8. Anthropological Reflections on Missiological Issues by Hiebert. $10.00

9. Interpreting the Synoptic Gospels by McKnight. Large paperback. $6.00

10. Interpreting the Pauline Epistles by Schreiner. Large paperback. $6.00

11. Introduction to the Old Testament Poetic Books by Bullock. Revised and expanded. $10.00

12. American Evangelism Theology and Practice by Salter. $17.50

13. Two Kingdoms--Church and Cultures Through the Ages by Clouse, Pierard, and Yamauchi. $17.50

14. Effective Bible Teaching by Wilhort and Ruken. Large paperback. $6.00

15. Air of Salvation--Story of Christian Broadcasting by Ward. Large paperback. $7.50

16. Celebrate Life, Hope for a Culture Preoccupied with Death by Cown . Large paperback $4.50

17. Short-term Missions Boom by Anthony. Large paperback. $6.00

18. Roots of Wisdom, Oldest Proverbs of Israel and Other Peoples by Westerman. Large paperback.


19. Agents of Transformation by Ligenfelun. Large paperback. $6.00

20. Virgin Birth of Christ by Machen. Oversized paperback. (used) $4.50

21. New Testament Environments by Edward Lohse. Paperback (used) $4.50

22. Toward Exegetical Theology by Walter Kaiser. $12.50

23. Pastors at Risk by London $7.50

24. Survey of the New Testament by Gundrey $12.50E

25. Method of Jesus' Teachings by Stein. Large paperback. $7.50

26. Vision America, Strategy for Reaching a Nation by Malphey. Large paperback. $5.00

27. Faith of Old Testament, a History by Schnidt. Large paperback. $7.00

28. New Testament Survey by Grovacki. $12.50

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