Warning Signs:
Are You A PuckBunny?

You might be a PuckBunny if...

  • You arrange your hockey card collection in order of cuteness.

  • You team is eliminated from the Playoffs so you root for Toronto "because Mats Sundin is a stud!"

  • You sometimes wonder why they don't make hockey versions of Bop and Tiger Beat.

  • To you, NHL stands for "National Hottie League."

  • You wonder why Jeremy Stevenson and Mike LeClerc don't get called up more often.*

  • You have a lot of respect for Sergei Fedorov.

  • You consider Alexandre Daigle to be one of the greats.

  • You "hate that guy from Billy Madison, but the guy in Happy Gilmore...now there's a stud!"

  • You think that Al MacInnis and Larry Murphy suck.

  • Your fantasy league features two- and occasionally three-player teams.

  • You think that Rocket Richard is Buzz Lightyear's cousin from Toy Story.

  • You pick Paul Kariya over Bob Probert in a fight to the death.

  • You can't understand why so many people boo Matt Barnaby and Darius Kasparaitis.

  • You wonder what all the fuss about this "Wayne Gretzky" guy retiring is.

  • Your pre-game ritual includes Wash 'n Curl.

  • You wish they'd quit wasting valuable hottie-watching time while "those slow ice cream trucks drive around the ice during half-time."

  • On your list of hobbies is "hockey players."

  • You'd kiss Mike Ricci but not the guy who just moved in next door from Alabama.**

  • You've ever used the words "Mark Messier" and "huggable" together in the same sentence.

  • You didn't find a single one of these at all humourous...!

Please! e-mail me if you have anything you'd like to add to this list!

(* As a long-time fan of LeClerc and Stevenson I have the RIGHT to at the very least point out to you that neither of them are exactly...how shall we say...Teemu Selanne.)
(** I know! Low blow! I still <3 you, though, Mikey-Mike! The Toothless Wonder rules forever, and don't you forget it! And sorry to anyone from Alabama. I'm really sorry you're all hicks. ...Kidding! I'm kidding, OK?!?)