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Scottish Bagpipes - Scottish National
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Latha math dhuibh~Welcome

          I am documenting my ancestry, my maiden name WHITE which has led me to my 6th great grandfather REV MURDO MacDONALD (Sutherland Durness) Scotland 1696-1763 tracing my paternal grandmothers side.I have my family tree on Ancestry which contains over 4700 people so far.

          And on my mothers side the surname MOLITOR, Joseph-Haut-Fays Belgium to Grande Claire, Manitoba 1905 and then to Moose Jaw Saskatchewan Canada~ggrandparents (Molitor) buried in Boggy Creek Manitoba, Canada. BLANCHARD,Clemence born Grande Claaire, Canada I can provide more information if you request by signing my questbook or emailing me. Inquiries welcomed.

          WHITE, Joseph Bridgewater Joseph was born Leyton Essex,England 1878. He was a soldier with Gordon Highlanders of Canada 50th Regiment before 1916, was a veteran in the Boer War (11 mos Cameron Scots(9th Africa)1902, WW1 (1916),seaman for P&O Shiplines,settling in Canada 1907. and Eveline Dora PEACOCK(Birkenhead Chesire England)sailed with her mother on The Empress of Ireland in 1907 Joseph B White and Edwin Peacock(great grandfather) sailed around the horn arriving in 1907 Victoria BC Canada. Eveline and Joseph married 1909 in Victoria BC
          Children: Frank Ernest,Kathleen Mabel,Grace Irene,Roy Joseph(children living)

            WHITE, Alfred M.Tranby~Leyton Essex to Queensland Australia married Annita Murray(have a lot of dates & names for this)

            WHITE, Charles~ Leyton Essex 1876 to Montreal Canada married Alice Young

            Rev. Murdo MacDonald 1696-1763 traced through paternal grandmother.Murdo was a very close friend of Rob Donn MacKay(Robert Calder) the Gaelic poet.

            Joseph MacDonald 1739-1762 first musician to commit bagpipe music successfully to staff notation

            Patrick MacDonald 1729-1824 minister at Kilmore Argyleshire, published The Patrick MacDonald Collection

            Donald MacDonald Rosshire 1655 married Margaret Ross(sister of Rev. Walter Ross of Tongue)-settled in Durness c1690

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