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Frank Alfred White~Leyton,Essex 1868-? married Beatrice Mathews
they had the following the children listed on this page:

Sybil Irene White 1901-25.03.93

Vera White 14.02.1903-01.11.1989 (married Stephen Langton)

Alfred M. Tranby White ~Essex to Qld Australia(married Anita Murray)
they had the following children:

    °April Tranby White 1919-12.11.1995 (married Kellock, Barr, Elliott)
    they had the following children:
    •Anthony Murray Barr
    •Fiona Margaret Barr
    •Shirley Ann Barr
    °Frank Murray Tranby White
    °Graham Tranby White 1925-1970 (married Jennifer J. Grigson)
      they live in Australia
      they had the following:
      •Helen Prudence Tranby White-b1954(married D.H.Strang)
      •Murray K. Tranby White-b1956
      •Denone J. Tranby White-b1961

    Charles White(married Alice Young)

      They had the following children:
        °Nena White 15.12.1989 (married Clive Fox)
        °Charles Arthur E. White b22.03.1906 in Barking, UK died 08.1970 Toronto, Canada(married Marion Laird Morton)
        they had the following children:
          •Mary Alice White b14.06.1933, Montreal,Canada (married Erwin Harrasser)
          •Marion Agnes White b14.06.1933, Montreal, Canada (married Belot, Cornier, Parkinson)
          •Patricia Laird White b10.12.1936, Pointe Claire.CA d28.12.1992 (married Kenneth Pack II)
          •Charles Morton White b10.06.1940, Ottawa, Canada(married Ann McArthur,Sandra Sherlin)


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