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You need to be Level 16 to trade for P-gear (Saber, Power Robe, Power Helm, Vamps.)

You need to be level 17 to trade for the CH.

The air hexes just before the entrance to the Cobrahn Giant's Keep form a clearly defined key.

There is a large, empty lair hidden behind a couple of walls in Tehru Prison. It is off the path to the jump down hole to the Black Dragon caves.

The Aleria caves to the NW of town, Earthshaker dungeon to the east, and Goblin King cave complex below the Dwarf Hold are all inter-connected by twisty passages and climbs.

Duke Talinar has a Hall of Champions to celebrate the first several adventurers to vanquish the great evils from Aleria. Lord Koss has a Hall of Doombringers to honor the first several adventurers who vanquished Duke Talinar.

If you climb down a certain grave in the Undead City graveyard (UC-2), you drop to an area near the stairs to the Deathsasquatch (UC-5).

If you climb up a hex just west of the stairs, you will find be teleported to UC-1, just before the portal hex to the spectre caves.

Most people now about the Frore ice plains (area just NE of town), the fire plains (drop down a hole in Evil Nork) and the earth plains (Homlet), but many have never heard of the water plains. It is a drop down hole just NE of the north town gate.

Rumor: there are discgruntled NPCs plotting to overthrow the Frore king. I hear they meet in a cellar of one of the fortress buildings and there is a teleport to a little visited area. Never fully explored that rumor, although I did have a fatal encounter with the revolutionaries awhile back.

There is a coffin behind HG lair, You have to blow up a wall to see it, but the vamp is not there. He must be on Extended Vacation.

The wine cellar in Frore was once known as the war room.

There's a hidden terrain type for the illusion disc: ice. If you type form illusion ice it will make a plain white hex.

Did you see the water hex by lightning hammer trader in middle of maeling (in that spiral tree park)?

Try climbing up on that water

reggie is sackable.
a certain lair north of frore can be soloed by a skill7 ment if they use the right discs.
seahag carries 7 ih.
there's 7 guardians in each alt of nork.
drinking ih on a healer saves you a round.
power word death takes perm hp if you're hit by it. it also reflects.
when elance reflects it hits caster and target.
reggie is technicaly on n-6.
the red dragons in frore come from fireplains.
thieves can set the power level of their traps.(it's in the help but not alot of crits read it)
mama scales were lowered in protection. ien scales are 250 f/i prot, dz scales are 200.
no lair in aleria eats.
uzis skill ma skill if you kill enemies with it in hand.
succor twigs are glowing staffs.
morningstars can never be blocked by shields, including smasher's and koss' morningstar(s).

nork npcs sometimes drop bottles that look like ih, but revitalize you(full hp and ep restore).

1 also, there's a stairs-like invisible portal next to the thief trainer in the 'secret' part of SF.

2 Also, partying with yourself while you use discipline twigs gives minimal skill *better then none*.

3 seek the trainer on the island for training in the lost arts

4 in cob, to pop those huge hexes with insane amounts of stuff on-hex, use km4 pop twigs, it will pop a small portion, and not destroy coin or left over items from each transmute. <this even helps those skill 30 ments >

5 When playing a thief, if you use a discipline while having an equipped EP giving item <many are around>, and you cast such things, it will take EP instead of HP and give you psi skill in both healer and ment. Psi versions of thief discs are MUCH more powerful per skill level. IE skill 11 ment on thief, transmutes for the power of a skill 20 thief using thief based transmute. you may not train in psi abilities while skilling these up. however, i do believe Dion will train you if you get a training potion off of her. I'm not sure if the same technique would work if you get a psi discipline <ie succor, sense, CC?> on a stick type crit from fate cards... anyone tested? info to chew on.

6 Chippuda is mean

7 kragen is in Aleria, the NW caves, around a twisty maze, down staircase, and through the windy caves with unlocked doors. Does he give anything interesting?

8 Koss's Castle is SW of War Lord's tower. <yes, many people don't know this>

9 Aid VERY much helps you deplete lairs

10 even if something doesn't cause a block <such as a shield> you will get hit for less when you are hit on average. i guess swinging around around a shield takes more effort eh? even an ogre shield helps psi crits

11 hp doctor quests may become very difficult after lvl 20, so if it's NOT important, avoid lvl'ing past 20. <ie random items, lori statue, gd brick>

12 for noncharging/casting/archery crits, a thief can hide, side-step, and backstab a monster even if they are visible to them.

13 there are several weapons people don't realize are returning. i'll list the majority: rb quest hammer, lightning hammer, fs hally/LS/mace, n8 bully lookin' daggers, bullywog/manphibian daggers, Raxe, stiletto, some random plain-looking maces in timmy are returning. and if you poison a cob returning weapon, it will cast lvl 23 poison on throw, not contact.

14 bandit lord shortsword is sackable, but stiletto is not <spose that razor edge would rip yer sack>
form illusion wall then form illusion empty on the same hex.

It acts as if the wall is still there, but one can see and cast disciplines, throw through the empty space. Creatures or Players cannot get through the hex. A lower mentalist's equivalent of passwall. :>

thieves can get experience with traps as long they as they stay in the same segment and the same alt. One can set traps in a hostile environment, twig bad to thief guild and rake in the experience points. Not recommended for highly traveled areas. :>

The succor twig is a glowing staff weapon.

Twigging back to a different segment or the GH will detox poison.
lets not forget for small mets that you can cast illusion water on a wall in mealing -3 and sit there after it regens and never get touched

Thief Secrets

Going up from the hex west of the Nork thief trainer places you in the Volcano Town thief guild.

There is a thief guild hidden away in Rat Burrow town. It has a secret wall into town and another into the dungeons.

"put right in sack;steal from" or "put left in sack;steal from" with needs target on will allow you to empty your hand and steal so you can attempt a theft every round.

You can determine the nature of traps before you buy them by double clicking on the trap icon on the store display. Works for twigs too.

Fighting with a lockpick in right gives thievery skill.

You can backstab with a bow.

A regular attack with any weapon while hiding will also give a small amount of thievery skill.

A proning crossbow is dropped by gnoll champions is Rat Burrow.

If you upset some of the Nork Townies, they will steal from you.

The Nork thief trainer takes your coin if you are fully trained and gives you nothing for it.
Alerian Trivia

Koss castle is actually SE of the warlord tower.

Watcher has something mysterious to say to you. You get to it by sinking beneath the quicksand in the Alerian swamp.

Mujaba never took swimming lessons. Barney neither.

Bandit Lord is afraid of the dark.

Winterwolf likes to chew on the legs of trainers.

The first several people to complete the Duke's Quests are honored in a special hall in Talinar's Keep.
Cobrahn Ring Trivia

Looking for something other than the 3/3 Timmy Store rings, but too small to get an 8/8 from a Cob lair? Here are some "doable" options...

4/4 rings with on-contact energy shield drop in SW caves.

5/5 combat rings drop in DarkOgre Town (under Juntes).

0/10 ghast eye rings drop in Undead City -1!

There are some nice pStun and pAssault rings that drop in Timmy Caves, but it can be a pain to identify them. Here is a neat trick.

Place the system protstun and protassault macros on a macro button bar. When you pick up a silver ring that has one of these discs on it, the macro button will light up! If you do not have the system macro on your macro list for either of these spells, then just pick up rings until the game asks you if you want to add the spell to your list. Answer yes, then it will be available to assign to your macro button bar.

it doesn't work everywhere, illusion is bugged.

Switch alt, or slam, to get rid of poison.

Want townies in RB, or neutral crits in other places, red to you? use illusion wall on their hex.(use this trick if hunting bears or so on yeti island, and neutral crits are killing everything)

gabagimli, in the ratburrow pub, tells some entertaining tales, take the time to listen
Bring Mr.Hobbit a special Egg and he gives you something in return.

There is a coffin behind the Hally Giant Lair.

There was is/was a command for mining, i believe its mine <direction> (i only done it a few times)

Critsort to see who all is on your hex, not a good option for lairs. There is a way to turn this command off but I forgot it also.

Banshee lair needs Hippo boots to get in, but doesnt destroy the boots. FireLizard Lair requires Hippo Boots, but it does destroy the boots.

casting fire on water makes it walkable.

Fire storm draggie is actually on N-5 :-)

Beyond popular believe, SOME ES rings do not like being used with ES cast by ment and they neutralize each other out.

Last but not least, There are no Gods in Drakkar, just really powerful janitors hehehe

Would you mind showing me that some day? i've been searching for it a bit, coudn't find it, and then HG regenerated

#critsort enable
#critsort disable

simple as that , i advice all barbs to use that, it will keep you on your hex a bit

the mining command exist, didn't find a place to mine yet tough.

does illusion fire also gets rid of water-damage?

use illusion path to stay away from biting fishes

my fighter likes mr.hobbit's present (are you sure you spelled it right?)

dashes enable
l at "name's" item IE: look at uther's broadsword
l at twig on ground
count item IE: count ge

Not really a secret, but handy for baby barbs just starting to zerk
got told about using this instead of the system drink macro for drinking while zerked and it's saved my butt on more than a few occasions (don't write over the original system one tho) -

belt right;t bottle from sack;drink bottle

has the advantage If you have a target, of either drinking or forcing an out of control round so you autobalm which the system one doesn't
that works for ls like a dream for me, but i guess you could alter it depending on your circumstances

try typing "ride" in command mode.

Ghost from N-3.5 can be tanned and traded to Marco in Aleria for one of 3 random books, Sense,Heal, and Critcure

In Aleria there is a place that drops several pearls. When you look at the ground you hear a "death squash" and voila! There be pearls in that hole!

To find the hole; go to a place that you would like to make a wish...

This not posible no more but still
Set fate traps in Uther lair and one of them would change his aligment making him drop the sword :P

VT can be disintegrated/blasted/doored/illusioned.

Haven't seen this on a spoiler site in quite some time, a long time ago someone with a lot of time on their hands figured out outcasts have a +2 combat bonus.

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