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This is the effect that dogs have on me. Wanna know why? It all began when my mom died after being chased and captured by dogs. I escaped and sought refuge at the Mundus residence. When I first arrived, I was no bigger than a size 9-1/2 shoe!

Life was blissful for two years:

 Until my arch-nemesis Joe Prima-Dogga Mundus arrived on the scene.

He even had a rubber duckie to play with!

If that wasn't enough, Joe wormed his way into my owner's affections. I once lived high on the hog, now he was top dog.



***WARNING: Wild Boars do not make good pets. Most of them are very aggressive and destructive in adulthood. They are very powerful and hate dogs. My owners did not bring me home from the woods. I was an orphan who found my way to their house.