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 Arnold Mundus Home Page




1. What dislikes do you have other than dogs?

Waking up in the morning to find chewing gum stuck to my butt. I chew Wrigley's gum;  and when I snuggle up in my hay bed and fall asleep, the gum slips out of my mouth and sticks to me!

2. What is your daily routine?

Breakfast, followed by an hour's nap. Later, I have my afternoon stroll in the yard. This is when I get my daily shower with the garden hose. Then I have my brushing sessions. I choose which brush my owners use on me. They hold out a choice of three and I tap the one I want with my nose. Sometimes, my owners play dumb and ask me if I'm sure that I want a particular brush, so I tap the same brush again. Occasionally, they change the order of the brushes to fool me, but I always manage to tap the same one that I want that day! I'm no dummy!

3. Why do you like cats so much?

I was raised with three cats, "Kona," "Wilbur," and "Friday."  For years, I thought I was a 500-lb. cat!  

4. How many words of human language do you understand?

30+. Here's just a few of the words and phrases I know: "Soda," "roll over," "candy," "goodies," "lie down for brush," "bucket," walk backwards," "be polite," "be gentle," "goodies all gone," and my favorite: "cats." 

5. What was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

Being neutered. L

6. Where did you get that funky hairstyle?

I was born with my trademark Mohawk. There were rumors that Robert De Niro copied it for his role in Taxi Driver. These rumors are groundless: I wasn't even born in 1976 when that movie was made. And I've never driven a taxi!


Hey folks, here's that warning again:

***WARNING: Wild Boars do not make good pets. Most of them are very aggressive and destructive in adulthood. They are very powerful and hate dogs. My owners did not bring me home from the woods. I was an orphan who found my way to their house.