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 Arnold Mundus Home Page



Arnold Statistics

Weight: 500-lbs. (at least!)
Age: 12 years
Height: 3 ft.
Length: 5 ft.
Favorite foods: peanuts, oranges, apples.
Favorite beverages: Pepsi or any available soda.
Likes: cats and people who feed me candy.
Dislikes: dogs and people who won't feed me candy. 

Unusual talents: chews gum, drinks soda from a cup; eats dog food from off of a spoon.

Heroes: "Farmer Hoggett" (from Babe), Arnold (of course!) Schwarzenegger.
Arnold's Ambition: To meet Hannibal author Tom Harris and tell him that wild boars aren't that bad after all! To meet Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan and thank him for offering a role to a wild boar in his last Crocodile Dundee movie.

***WARNING: Wild Boars do not make good pets. Most of them are very aggressive and destructive in adulthood. They are very powerful and hate dogs. My owners did not bring me home from the woods. I was an orphan who found my way to their house.