In Perfect Harmony!!
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Andy, the one and only
love of my life.

Kelly, Brandy,
sweet daughters.

wonderful sons.

Our lives are one and
in perfect harmony
we live and love each
other. You truly
fulfill my life and make
me so very happy!

The pic to the left is of me and Andy, the love of my life on our wedding day! We met online and fell madly and deeply in love! Andy spent a lot of timing driving from his home in Indiana to my home in Ontario, Canada, or I would visit him there. Luckily the miles didn't get in our way and our love rose above all. We were married in Nov. 1998 and have a wonderful life together! It wasn't an easy process to get where we are, but most definitely worth it! Come inside my homepage to meet my wonderful family and to learn more about Andy and I! God bless

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