Hey! It's time for some artwork! Here are some of my latest pics. Note how I tried to copy Sparkler's style of anthro ponies, failed miserably, and ended up with My Little Piggy instead of My Little Pony. :o) Oh well! Enjoy at your own risk.

If you want me to draw something for you (I also do regular-style MLP! And they're much better!) then you can email me at: kelliedawson@yahoo.com with your request. Please note that I don't draw spooge or porn or whatever you want to call it. That's just sick and twisted and Homey don't play that. (Whoa...5th grade flashback there!) I'm not afraid to draw a little bit of stuff like cleavage, but that's about it. If you want something done and you're not sure if I'll do it, just e-mail me. I'm a big pushover, so I'm likely to do almost anything. Just ask! Now go have fun.

P.S. - I know it's very limited right now, but I'm just now starting to draw anthro ponies, and I have one in-progress right now so be patient and I'll add more later. -KAD

Honeysuckle 1/23/01

I asked my sister if I could draw her as a pony. Since she used to be in the MLP community (as Honeysuckle) I figured I'd just draw her as that. About the outfit? She said, and I quote, "Just draw me in something I'd actually wear, ok?" So I did. You've been warned :o)

Baby Stormfury 1/23/01

It's me! Baby Stormfury! This will eventually be the image on my main page. Note the use of a tacky reddish-orange color. Never color in the dark, kids.

Honeysuckle and the Bat-Pony 1/23/01

I drew my sister's boyfriend Rob as a pony, and since he's Batman...well, that has nothing to do with anything actually. But here's my interpretation of him and HS, doing what they always do (be all cutesy wutesy and yuk!) j/k ;o)

Wonder Sparky! 1/23/01

Now, you didn't think I'd really draw Sparkler as a normal pony, did you? Cause that would be a lie. Here's Sparky as Wonder Woman.

Winterball 2001 3/04/01

Here's a handy scanning tip: Center your item on the scanning bed. That way you won't have hooves cut off. Oh well. This is my computer-colored (the markers went crazy when scanned) rendition of Baby Stormfury (me!) wearing the exact hairstyle and outfit that Kellie (also me!) wore last night to my school's winter formal dance, Winterball! I designed the dress myself and helped to make it, the gloves were bought, and my Belle/Ariel Disney-esque hairstyle was done by HS. It was a GREAT dance! I'm also very pleased with how this pic came out. :o)

Bouncy 3/22/01

Many, MANY apologies to Bouncy, because I think this is one of the worst drawings I've ever done!!! She's kind of standing, looking at nothing with an expression that seems to say, "WHY did you scan me? WHY?!" so I'm sorry. I'll do a better one if you can trust me! Not like she's ever even talked to me. Nobody except Lancer. But hey, that's her choice. Sorry again! :o)

Honeysuckle Spears 3/22/01

For my school's Airband competition, HS did the Britney Spears VMA 2000 performance. You know, the one where she starts off wearing a suit and hat and singing "Satisfaction" and then strips down to a flesh-colored thing and does "Oops!"? Yeah. She did that. You might laugh, but she won 1st place, and $250!! Sorry your face is SOOOOOOOOOOO contorted and strange...but the body looks good. Too bad the glitter didn't scan right!

Lickety Split 3/22/01

On the mailing list, Lickety Split said she was really bored and wanted something to draw. So I offered an art trade: she does BSF, I do LS. So here's my half. Again with the glitter...ick. I should edit that out. Sorry you're so tall and skinny, LS! I draw what I know :o)

Kenny Stormfury 3/22/01

For MY Airband performance, me, HS, and 7 other girls all did Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone"...wearing these sexy outfits! We danced all over the place and won 2nd! This was not one of the dance steps!

My first-ever dirty picture! 3/22/01

TURN AWAY, CHILDREN! It's Rob and HS. They're...um....studying. Drawn with permission.

HS/Rob Again 3/22/01

Yeah, I know. These two nerds AGAIN! I don't know why but they are really fun to draw! In this one they're just sort of kneeling, looking at each other. I've never seen them do this but maybe it's happened. I don't know. I love how it came out, though!

All images are original drawings by Kellie Dawson (kelliedawson@yahoo.com) and are not to be taken, stolen, "borrowed" without permission, breathed on wrong, laughed at, etc. If I catch anybody with an image I haven't authorized them to use, I will send out my personal brigade of specially trained Ninjas to kick their butt into submission. Thank you.