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Well, it's 10:45 PM and I had nothing better to do, so I updated my site. Well, this page at least. I added a bio page (so you can read a little bit about me) and made new link pictures. Ifyou haven't, sign the guestbook, okay? I promise it won't hurt that much. The last person to sign it said my friend Julia was hot. Did I ever put her picture up here?? That's crazy! Oh well, whatever. People are strange. Right now I'm waiting for my sister to come home. She's late, and if I feel like telling on her, she might be in BIG trouble. Again! I probably won't, though, 'cause I'm a good sister. Anyways, check out my new stuff, and have a good time!
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You can do it, Lalo. C-PRUK 4eva!

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