I have played the piano now for about 14 years! I love to do it, and I think I'm good at it, personally. My teacher is Alexandra Borschstein. Thanks for your help, Mrs. B!

Would you like to hear a few samples of me playing the piano? Here's how I record the MP3s: I use my Yamaha C5E acoustic grand pianoand a Sony MZ-R50 MiniDisc recorder and a Sony ECM-957 microphone. The MIDIs I've done have been either note-by-note in Noteworthy Composer or else on my keyboard, with Cakewalk Pro Audio. My dud helps me on a lot of this stuff. I'm just typing what he says I use. :o)

If you want to hear a few songs, click on the titles below. For some things I have written, click below that! Hope you like them!

Actual Songs (MP3s)

*WARNING: MP3s might take a VERY LONG TIME to download! I put them in length order and since they take up so much space, I only put up three. "Moonlight Sonata, 3rd Movement" is almost 7 min. long so download accordingly!*

Passacaille by Handel (2:28)
This is a very pretty song I learned a long time ago. I really like it and it's fun to play (not like Chopin!) so have a listen.

Canon in D by Pachelbel (5:23)
My sister told me to put this one up here, cause she says it's her favorite one. I don't know, it's really pretty but I like fast songs. Like the next one. . .

Moonlight Sonata, 3rd. Movement (6:54)
This song was one of the hardest I've ever learned. It took me about a year to get it down, and I still have to check my music sheets. I always come away with my fingers feeling weird and stuff. But it's also my favorite song I've done. So enjoy or die!

Made-Up Songs (MIDIs)

"Squishy" is a fun song I wrote on my birthday. It starts out weird, gets good, and goes back to being weird, and it's not finished. None of my MIDI songs are and I don't think they ever will be! I'm so lazy. :o)

"Splat" is one I like. Like I said, it's not done. But I like the beat. I recorded this and t hen edited it in Noteworthy.

Toe Jam
"Toe Jam" is mostly an experiment with bass guitar and piano and the brass ensemble features. It's weird.

"Crap" is self explanatory. My friend is making an RPG game and asked me to do some music. . .famous last words!

"Neewop" was the first song I ever wrote COMPLETELY note by note in Noteworthy Composer. I don't understand how to use that program! This one too is for my friend's game. I don't get how to change dynamics and instruments and things like that. So if it sounds weird, sorry!

"Toast" is (I think) my favorite one. It's the one that sounds most like a real song. It's a happy, kind of rock-sounding song, with a weird drum solo thing at the end. I don't know what was going through my mind, but oh well! I like it!

That's all for now. Check back later. I'm working on a very hard piece right now, (Chopin's "Fantasie Impromptu, Opus 66") and I'll record it soon!

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