Welcome Guys & Dolls!!!
It's time to frolic ... it's time to boogy ... the Bubble Lady says ...
It's Swing Time!!!
To think that all this started in 1926 at the corner of Lenox and 140th Street
in the 4,000 person Savoy Ballroom in Harlem.
There was a lot of boogyin' going on in the 1920's but it wasn't until the Savoy Ballroom
opened that the Lindy Hop got a name. Saturday nights became the highlight of the
week when competitions became hotter, the music got louder
and good dancers became great dancers.
These dancers tried new steps every day to top the other dancers.
Styles were refined and became so well done that it became as much fun to watch
as it was to participate. In 1935 along came
Frankie Manning and dancing took to the air.

With this development the Lindy Hop became a dance craze
all across the world. Today it has evolved into dances such as
the Jive, the Jitterbug, the East Coast Swing, the West Coast Swing and the South
Carolina Shag but the original "swing" will
always be the Savoy style.

There are now thousands of clubs across the world
and the classics of Glenn Miller and Duke Ellington
have made room for the likes of Lee Press On and the Nails,
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Squirrel Nut Zipper.

Vintage is always hip at the swing clubs and though just about anything goes,
hair from the late 1930's and early 1940's seems to be the preference.
Some clubs are filled with bowling shirts and saddleshoes while others are filled with
men in fabulous vintage double-breasted suits and
women in 1940's vintage cocktail dresses, crystal and rhinestones.

Whatever your style, have fun, enjoy the music but remember,
it don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing!!
Make yourself at home! Thanks for swingin' by baby!!
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Note: I would love to give credit to somebody for the way cool "bubble lady" gracing this site
but I found her on a piece of stationery.
I scanned her, modified her and the rest is history.
There was no name on the piece but whoever you are you do incredible work!!

This Swing, Swing, Swing (In a Ring) site is managed by Melanie Kase-Winternheimer.

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