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Celebrating One Thousand Years Of Ontario’s History

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  • Note: There is one addition to the speakers list, Dr. Larry Kulisek.

his collective of webpages is the result of hard work, dedication and generosity. Highlighting the heritage-oriented agencies located in Windsor, Essex County and nearby Pelee Island was the goal of those who are members of the Southwest Ontario Heritage Council (S.W.O.H.C).

With the generous help of the S.E.E.D program (South Essex Economic Development) and the H.R.D.C (Human Resources Development Canada), the council’s goal to represent and promote its members has become a reality. Within our little piece of cyberspace lies a treasure-trove of 15 heritage sites including: museums, conservation areas, historical and genealogical societies.

The S.W.O.H.C hopes that these webpages will help convey to its readers the richness and diversity of heritage that exists in southwestern Ontario.

How To Use The Site:

To navigate the different areas of the website, click on the buttons on the left side of the screen at the top of the page.  On the bottom of each page, there is also a navigation bar which can be used to access different areas such as specific map locations or links to other heritage-related sites. Enjoy!

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