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Serbian Heritage Centre

Serbian Heritage Museum of Windsor
est. 1987


About the Museum:

Serbian Heritage Museum

     In 1975, the idea of a Serbian Museum was initiated.  The Serbian Heritage Women's Society undertook the first collection of artifacts and archival materials from the Serbian community.  In 1976, they displayed at the Hiram Walker Historical Museum, now Windsor's Community Museum, for four months.  The exhibit generated much interest among the general public and Serbian community.  A permanent museum then became the new goal for the Serbian Heritage Women's Society.

They accomplished this goal in 1987.  The support came from the Government of Ontario through a grant for the first necessary display equipment.   Serbian businessmen and generous individuals donated office furniture and other useful items.

Serbian Centre

        In 1929, Serbs established their first cultural and patriotic organization Soko (Falcon). Soon, other political, social and humanitarian organizations followed.  At the beginning these groups met at a rented hall.   Later, the need increased and Serbs built their first Hall, a Serbian home of their own, on Drouillard Road.  With the influx of postwar immigrants, the community grew larger and a larger hall became again the necessity.

drawing of Serbian Centre

  In 1966, Serbian businessmen donated land, and a new building was erected.  In 1987 this building expanded to it's present size including plans for a museum for the first time.

        The Museum collects and exhibits artifacts and archival material related to the cultural heritage of the Serbian people.  The Museum serves general public and imparts knowledge of Serbian history, culture, traditions, customs and skills.  The Museum achieves this goal through emphasis on research and exhibits, educational programs, tours and lectures.

Financial Resources

        The Museum supports itself through generous donations from individuals, businesses, Government grants, fundraising and operation of it's own Gift Shop.  Admission is free and so is the use of research materials at the Reference Library in the Museum.

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Governing Board

        The Serbian Heritage Museum opened on August 29, 1987 under the auspices of the Serbian Heritage Women's Society.  In 1992, it separated into a new organization known as the Serbian Heritage Museum Board.  The Board members represent a cross section of the Serbian community in Windsor, and are appointed by eight Serbian organizations.

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Windsor Serbs

        The first large group of Serbian people came to Windsor between 1923 and 1929.  They settled in Ford City which at that time was a separate municipality located east of the town of Walkerville.  Windsor Serbs came from the several different regions of the former Yugoslavia: Serbia, Vojvodina, Lika, Kordun, Banija, Montenegro, Bosnia, Kosovo, Dalmatia, Herzegovina and Macedonia.

Gift Shop

        The Museum Gift Shop features objects related to traditional Serbian arts and crafts: handcrafted items made by volunteers, or imported from Yugoslavia hasty notes with drawings of historic buildings by local Serbian artists, original watercolour paintings, jewelry and other items.

A great choice for birthday gifts, weddings, christenings .....


Needlework, Crochet Items:

Traditional Ceramic:


  • Doilies
  • Shawl
  • Baby Booties
  • Handmade Boy's Folk Costume
  • Decorative Coushon
  • Woven belts & more ....
  • Framed Picture
  • Flower Container
  • Incense Cups
  • Decorative Plates
  • Decorative Figurines
  • Coffee Cups
  • Tea Pot
  • Variety of Orthodox Crosses
  • Pendants
  • Rings
  • Chains
  • Pins

  above are all 14 carat gold with Serbian Emblems


Old Money:

Art Work:

  • T-Shirts with Museum Logo
  • Aprons with Museum Logo
  • Coins
  • Paper Money
  • Stamps
  • Mounted Icons
  • Original Water Colours
  • Original Prints
  Prices range between $50 - $300 and you pay only 8% tax

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Special Events / Exhibits:

Past Exhibits...

Monuments Of Kosovo...  -    Aug. 16  -  Oct. 23  1998

Serbian Writers Through Ages...   -  Feb. 26 - May 14 1999
(from the Medieval to the Post Modern)

Serbs and Their History Through Art by Dusan Ivancevic  -   Aug. 29 - Oct. 8 1999

Zora & Milorad Vidric,  -   Oct. 8 - 31 1999
(local artists will display their "Decorative Sculpture"


Current Exhibits...

50th Anniversary of the "Gracanica" Choir  -   Nov. 6 - Dec. 15 1999
Official opening at the Museum - Saturday at 1:00 pm.


Serbian Heritage Museum

Invites you to try our


Aug 31, Sept 28, Oct 26, 1999


Serbian Centre

5:00 - 7:00 pm

Entrance: Donations
Every donation over 10$ is tax deductable!



1 - Serbian Traditional Cooking
six (6) sessions

2 - Serbian Language
eight (8) sessions


For more information, and to register, please call the Museum at 944-4884


  Call (519) 944-4884 for future exhibit information

Museum Hours:

Monday - Friday ....
y ....
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Closed: Dec. 15 - Jan. 15

Wheelchair Accessible

  Groups are welcome by appointment.  Light lunches served to groups of 15 or more, upon request

For information call ...
(519) 944-4884
fax... 974-3963


6770 Tecumseh Road East
Windsor, Ontario



Mailing Address:

Serbian Heritage Museum
6770 Tecumseh Rd. East
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
N8T 1E6

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About logo design:

A maple leaf represents Canada and the initials in Cyrillic alphabet Serbia.  Design speaks about the rich culture of the Serbian Forefathers who brought it with them to their new home.  The tree of life represents a flourishing heritage within a growing country.

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by the

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