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Thanks for visiting the website for the Sycamore High School Class of 1960.  We have reunions every five years to visit with our friends and find out who has new grandkids, who has taken a great trip, who has bought their mid-life oasis, has a big job, or has just been enjoying life.  We also eat too much, reminisce, pass around the AARP cards, and chat about who is missing.  So, if you’ve been avoiding us for the last 40 years, its not too late…..we’d love to see you at the next event…you might even like us now!!       

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                                      60th BIRTHDAY PARTY

On august 9th and 10th, 2002 there was a 60th birthday party for the class.  Some of lucky dogs weren’t 60 yet, but they shared in the celebration and birthday cake.  Friday night we enjoyed the sock hop music at moonlight gardens.

On Saturday, Trisha Obst graciously opened her home for our party.  The Montgomery drive in was set up – no $1.00 per carload to enter – with popcorn, hotdogs and such being served.  A king and queen were crowned by drawing names – too mature to vote! – and everyone had lots of laughs.

We decided to meet more often as life continues to narrow our numbers and memories could fad at anytime!

We hope those of you who couldn’t make it will be able to come next time. Below is a slide show of the party click on any picture to enlarge.


We are hoping for an early December party.  If you are interested in attending, please leave your message on the post it  section.



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