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A Heavenly Angel
Fawn tresses tickled a very sensitive dainty chin.
Hazel eyes carried an ocean of happiness within.
Bare feet raced through the buttercup bed , a gazebo of elation.
Tender lips refreshed the air with sweet conversation.
On a lacy bedspread a wide eyed bear has resided in his chosen residence.
Family love was erected with a very cherished optimism without diffidence.
Culinary skill was learned from her mother with great devotion.
A compassionate heart was her offerance of healing lotion.
Dancing on the stage of future her spirit feels no refrain.
A genial personality was her drape and valance, a glorious rain.
Now heavenly serapheums serenade the ungilded angel holding open heaven's door.
Yearning a sad mother waits to hear her laughter, knocking on her heart once more.

Dorothy E. Scott

To Tammy An Ode Her memory lives on

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