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My Family


Head of the Family at 6 months old, nearly half a century ago. Hah ! My lovely wife

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Our Children

Rachel, John & Hannah

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Hi I'm Cutie. I always remind John that I am the eldest and tallest. See how he tries to compete with me by being louder !!
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at 4 months

at 21 months

I am nearly 3

Me and Hannah
Hi I'm Sucker.  My Dad calls me that and I live up to my name.  You guess how.
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19th July 1997

30th August 1997

I am nearly 2

Soon our baby sister, Hannah, will be able to join us side by side.

Hi I'm Hannah. I seldom cry, sleeps and feed very well.  It is so easy to look after me.
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New born

Peace at last Sweet ? My baby!


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