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Susan Collington
Personal Info
Full Name: Susan Collington
Age: 17
Birthplace: Terra Venture
Origin: Human (Asian, Caucasian, a touch of Hispanic)
Siblings: Unknown
Other Family: Mother (See Stephanie Collington)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Unknown
Height: 5-7
Other Information
Hobbies: Unknown
Good Points: Her sparkling personality
Bad Points: Unknown
Weaknesses: Unknown
Stregnths: Her good points good leader
Fear: She's afraid of cats
Dream: Unknown
Biography: Grandchild of Plastica and Headset
PR Information
Special Abilities: Unknown
Ranger Status: Red Demona Ranger (Leader)
Spirit Animal: mule
Zord: Command Zord
Main Source of Power: Demona Powers
Special Weapons: Sword of Power
How she/he became a ranger: Emergency Situation
Important Facts About his/her Life: Unknown
Other PR Information: Unknown
Fic Information
First Appearance: Power Rangers Demona
Last Appearance: Unknown
Where it's located: The Realm, Jenga's Library, Paladar's World of Fanfics
Creator: Robert Gutheim

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