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Starlight and Judgment
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Curse of the Gods
Earth Map in 4327

When I first start creating a story, I always start with getting to know the characters as deeply as I would a best friend. Over the years, my sketches have become more and more realistic, and I thought maybe readers would like to see those they will meet inside these stories as I see them.
Computers however aren't always the best at keeping all the details of the sketch. Some I've ended up doing on less than ideal paper (hey, I have to do what I can with what I have when the idea strikes :) so the scan quality isn't the best on a few but hopefully it comes through on your screen well enough.

Daughter of Gods
These characters have large parts and are first introduced in this book, but all (except Suri) continue on throughout the other books in the series in some large or small part.

Tryn Brye Annis

Tryn Brye Annis, born of the Inaut lineage and protector of her people. Her grandmother, Trysali Brye Annis is a great healer and Tryn's father was the guardian of Tarjei, an Inaut city just inside the Kharsag Mountains. In 4317 old count, Madai military attacked Tarjei. Tryn and her two brothers, Dridak and Tilak were taken as slaves but her father was killed in the battle. She lives for eight years as a slave in the Madai mines, dredging minerals from Earth's rocks, but she hasn't forgotten where she came from and continues to fight the Madai, to torture them as much as they do her. In 4327, in Daughter of Gods, she is brought to the slave market and sold to a young Madai royal who is anything but what he appears to be.


Cedrik DeVassi is the son of Ridar and Juliara DeVassi, one of the first Madai couples to reside on Earth. Cedrik is their second son born on the surface, but he is the odd one out, never taking pride in the Madai accomplishments at conquering the Inaut cities. Instead, he feels he has to do all he can to make amends to the Inaut people and does so despite his royal title and duties, putting himself and everything he loves at risk.


Zansidri of the Annunukar mourns the loss of his wife, a result of her refusal to leave the Inaut people hundreds of years ago when the Madai returned, so she fell victim to the punishment of the Pure Ones for breaking the contract and making herself known to the mortals. Because of his memory of her and her passion for all life, Zansidri continues monitoring the Inaut people in secret and develops ways to help them while keeping the contract binding his people into silence unbroken. It is because of his monitoring that he is able to help Tryn when she finds herself in dire need. In helping her, he becomes entwined in the lives of the Brye Annis family and all the children thereafter.


Surifitoof Laililoff and he introduces himself with a deep bow. He is a member of the Argel race, little people known by big folk (Inaut) as "demon mind torturers."  Suri proves himself a wonderful friend despite his hyper personality and lack of short term memory. Although he appears in person only in Daughter of Gods, he is mentioned in a few other books as well.

Secondary Characters of Interest in Daughter of Gods and mentioned in following books:
Monarch Crakshandal -- The leader of the Earth exhibition
Iladi -- The Pure One who teams with Monarch Crakshandal to stop the "unrest" on Earth's surface
Ms. Danik -- Monarch Crakshandal's most trusted bounty hunter and keeper of justice. She is also the hunter assigned to look after Cedrik DeVassi and deal with him.
Tilak -- Tryn's brother
Trysali -- Tryn's Dreovid grandmother
Piladis -- Tryn's childhood friend

Starlight and Judgment
Kira's story


Kira DeVassi-Brye Annis (nicknamed Starlight), marked for death since birth is haunted by the loss of so many dear to her. In Daughter of Gods, she is only six but is caught up in one of the most violent attacks of Madai against their own. She becomes the adopted daughter of Tryn, accepted by the Inaut people, and at sixteen is charged with helping keep Nikkar, the main Inaut city, out of total chaos during the Drako Wars in Revenge of the Gods. She proves her worth to everyone but herself and becomes a Watcher, one of the Inauts who infiltrate the Madai, warning of any impending attacks they hear about. She is excellent at her job, a loner by nature with only her animal friends, Shiva and Kota, the wolves, and the tiny monkey, Wiki as her companions. At twenty-three as Starlight and Judgment opens, she's fast on the way to self destruction.


Dane Valdor is the son of Ms. Danik, one of the highest ranked bounty hunters under Monarch Crakshandal of the Madai. At age ten he was told his mother was murdered, yanked from his bounty hunter training, and placed with the scholars. At twenty-five, when a scholar is needed to go dirtside and amass environmental information, he eagerly volunteers but what he really wants is to find out why his mother was so cryptic in her journals and what was the purpose of her parting words to him the last time he saw her. He quickly discovers that surface dwellers don't care for his kind. It's only by pure luck that he finds himself in a position to help a young Madai seemingly caught up in a mess with Madai guards. What he finds out about her later only proves to him that she is far more valuable and capable of helping him search for the answers he needs than he first realizes.

Curse of the Gods
Tarenek's story


Tarenek Brye Annis (the most complicating and entertaining character to write!) is the son of Tryn Brye Annis and considered a pure miracle by the Annunukar. In Revenge of the Gods at the age of nine, the Pure Ones set Drakos loose on Tarenek's people and a Pure One makes a shocking accusation about Tarenek. Tarenek knows every word the Pure One says is true but by that time, it is too late to rememdy the danger. Tarenek does everything he can to make sure his ugly potential is never reached. In Starlight and Judgment, he is fourteen and proves the only hope for another family member, and in the Freedom Wars he is the free people's only weapon against the enslaving gods, being nearly a god himself. It is during the final battles of the war that he realizes the truth of his exsitence cannot be avoided. In Curse of the Gods, he is 392 years old and still young. His worst fears all come to pass and just when he's found a reason to truly want to be a mortal human. He fears Fate has been so cruel to him, but has it?
And who (or what) is that in the background you ask? He is Tarenek's true friend since Tarenek rescued him in Revenge of the Gods. Elek the drako proves to be a great asset in his own right in the Freedom Wars and during the events in Curse of the Gods.


Coralie (Alie) Angenil has no knowledge of the Drako Wars and limited knowledge of the Freedom Wars. They are all distant history by the time her family comes as refugees from Niribar (the planet of the gods). Hundreds of years after the wars, and when Alie is only two, her parents settle on a new continent south of the war torn land. At twenty-one, her only dilemma (she believes) is finding a way to keep a murderous tyrant from swindling her out of her ranch. Her husband has already been murdered so when she sets out to deliver the cattle herself, a friend of hers insists she take along a ranger. Rangers are loners, experts of the land, and keepers of justice. Alie agrees until she meets the man her friend has in mind. Tarenek Brye Annis (she's never heard of a name such as his) is angry and seems to wholly dislike being anywhere near her, but situations make it impossible for him to leave her unprotected.
There's something about Alie that Tarenek will discover. It will change her and greatly affect his life in Curse of the Gods.



Taite Wyllturn is the oldest of three siblings and has always seen herself as the caretaker of her family and responsible for her younger brother and sister. She is a practical girl and has a wonderful sense of humor with soft sarcasm. After the death of her father, the siblings part paths and Taite finds herself searching for good employment and a new pupose in her life. But nothing could have prepared her for what befalls her in Descended.


Rylan Wyllturn is the middle sibling of three and sees himself as the protector of his two sisters. He is excellent at causing michief, but he wants to "grow up" and be respectable. Following the passing of his father Rylan, determined to not be a nomad like his father, settles down to begin constructing his 'respectable' life. All goes well...for a little while.


Shani Wyllturn is the youngest of the three Wyllturn siblings. She is a very caring person and a hard worker. After her father's death Shani works at an apprenticeship as a healer with a medicine woman--that is, until she is accused of killing the children. 

Blaine and Aiden

Descendants of Kira, Blaine and Aiden DeVassi-Valdor are brothers of genetics if not personality. Aiden is an irresponsible, impulsive, pessimistic, pyrokinetic man. Blaine is the overly responsible, optimistic, cryokinetic youth who can communicate ideas to animals. Both brothers are proficient in combat, and they are quick thinkers when it comes to survival. The brothers are sent by Kira to seek out the Wyllturn siblings and bring them back to Inaut lands.


Valentar Lev is an Inaut warrior who takes his duties very seriously. He is asked by Kira to accompany and protect the DeVassi-Valdor brothers on their mission to seek out and retrieve the Wyllturn siblings.


Odelia is the young self-confident goddess assigned to accompany Blaine, Aiden, and Valentar on their quest to locate the Wyllturn children. Her powers encompass the full range of the Pure Ones although her control hinges on her concentration and emotional state.

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