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Daughter of Gods
Revenge of the Gods
Starlight and Judgment
The Freedom Wars
Curse of the Gods
Earth Map in 4327


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Book Six
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Disillusionment Book Six


When sensible Taite Wyllturn suffers a sudden bout of crazy obsession, loses her job and lands in jail, and her little sister Shani is arrested for miraculously healing sick children in the suburbs, their trouble-making brother, Rylan, decides his only option is to rescue them from prison. Then iron bars disintegrate, seemingly at the wave of Rylan’s hands, leaving the three baffled but forced to run as searchlights flash to life.


With all hope seemingly lost, four mysterious rescuers appear from the shadows and sweep the siblings into a journey across continents and beyond the reach of their comfortable sane reality. It's a journey their unwanted companions promise will end at a meeting with Kira, a woman, the trio is told, who foresaw their need to be rescued, a woman who has lived for a thousand years and has much to share with them.


What Kira and her people reveal will change the Wyllturn siblings and alter the dynamics of the world on which they all live.  

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