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Daughter of Gods

Daughter of Gods
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Daughter of Gods

  Disillusionment Book One by T.C. McMullen

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Daughter of Gods
It's the year 4327 old count. Only one continent is known to be above sea level, a continent diverse and riddled with human torment.
The History:
Years before the told story begins, those who had lived in peace for decades noticed visitors in their skies. These people were smart, taught by their creators, their Seraphs who lived in a godly Earth city hidden deep inside the Syrinx Mountains. These gods were outcasts, tens of thousands of years old from a time just after mortal humanity was created. They are the offspring of gods and mortals, thought tainted by their mortal genetics but also blessed with their godly genes.
These Annunukar witnessed the natural destructive changes of Earth many times, watched mortals abuse the beautiful planet, and decided at the end of the last change to become involved with the mortals who had been left behind to suffer the unimaginable destructions, but had survived.
Several of these gods went out into the world, teaching mortals, helping create a culture of Earth based beliefs, and guiding people who understood the balance of life and spirit. These mortals called themselves "Inaut" meaning "knowledgeable ones." Dozens of the most knowledgeable were blessed by their Annunukar friends with cleansed genetics, allowing them to live for over a thousand years. These special ones were called "Dreovids," Inaut with extended life and the power to link with the natural world and draw from it energies that could heal and protect. 
When the Pure Ones return with their worker force of Pure Madai, the Earthlings saved from the great destruction so many years before, they are surprised to find survivors of the upheavals, and even more surprised when the Inaut prove to be a challenge, not allowing the Madai to strip the planet of all the minerals the Pure Ones need to keep their space station planet functioning.
The sheer number of Madai coupled with their powerful gods, the Pure Ones, who have forbidden the Earth bound Annunukar from leaving their secret city under threat of destruction, leaving the Inaut without their powerful allies, soon overrun the indigenous Inaut who have cared for the Earth for so long.
By 4327, the Inaut people are enslaved or pushed to their fortified city inside the impassable Kharsag Mountains. The Madai are set on annihilating the culture even as the very things that have changed the Inaut into gray skinned, strong humans begin to show in the Madai offspring being born on world.
But Inaut are relentless and unimaginably strong in spirit. They are also not wholly without the help of the Annunukar. Some Annunukar still find ways to help the Inaut while holding to the contract the Pure Ones have them trapped beneath. A desperate need to fight the tightening noose of the Madai brings about the coming changes...

As Daughter of Gods opens, Tryn Brye Annis is forced from her prison, a mineral mine, and brought to the surface for sale against her wishes. She is determined to turn any prospective buyer away, refusing to be sold.

Cedrik DeVassi, a young Madia Royal, has witnessed the truths of his people's lies first hand and feels in his soul he must help the Inaut when he can.Cedrik’s annual trip to the slave market brings him to Tryn. There is something about her he knows he must set free despite the dangers of doing such and despite how difficult she makes the purchase.

His action catapults him and Tryn on an adventure of danger, discovery, and a quest for freedom — her freedom from the slave mines, his from his secrets. In their travels, they meet a little person of mischief of the Argel race and an exiled god of the Annunukar race—the people who have witnessed the happenings of the world since the beginning of time, but faded into myth.

Together, the slave, the royal, the god, and the little man will change the course of all.


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