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Kyle D'Arcy wakes one morning to a day like any other until he discovers his father, Carter, was murdered. A picture of an unknown woman is found in Carter's wallet. Men with strange jade eyes swarm his house. Car chases and remote hideouts with people who seem as deadly as those Kyle fears ensue. He soon finds his geneticist father had a hand in developing hybrid humans, blending species from other dimensions. And Carter knew things about a virus created to wipe out humans on all the worlds including Earth.


Ravyn, a genetically engineered woman created as a human weapon, knows the fate of two worlds depends on her ability to stop a family member from inflicting his revenge on mankind. Then she discovers her knowledge of the worlds and the war she fights — as vast as it is — is very limited. A mystical being reveals secrets Ravyn never wanted to know, secrets reminiscent of fallen angels and judgment days. Now the weight of much more than two world populations rest on her and her legions...


What happens when these two meet in their struggle to save humanity?


Discover a new reality in The Manipulated Evil Series.