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Scattered Souls
Open Reign Publishing
Release date: March 2005

ISBN 0-9754372-2-4

Kyle D'Arcy and his lover Ravyn discover that his world and hers are not the only ones to which the portals of The Unseen can lead, as this second volume of T.C. McMullen's "Manipulated Evil" series opens. They find themselves in a mysterious third world, where a woman named Rania asks for their help. At first that seems laughable, with both Earth and Tiernaine ravaged by a bioengineered plague and Ravyn's Guardians locked in battle with the forces of her evil half-brother, Rhynon. But when Rania tells them truths neither knew before, Ravyn's priorities must change. The danger is greater than they imagined, as the evil their elders set in motion a generation ago rushes toward its apocalyptic conclusion. Is there any chance at all they can halt that rush? Or is it too late, already, for all the worlds this evil touches?

Scattered Souls is a roller coaster ride of a story. As the plot threads weave in and out among a growing cast - none of them superfluous - the author keeps readers grounded from scene to scene by staying firmly within each "on stage" character's point of view. These are characters who grow as the tale progresses, in ways that flow naturally from who they were before the events that change them. That's true for the tale's villians fully as much as for its heroes.

The cliffhanger ending left me breathless, after reading the book straight through. Well done! When is the third volume coming out?

Reviewed by Nina M. Osier
Author of ROUGH RIDER, a novel of first contact

Scattered Souls
By T.C. McMullen
Open Reign Publishing
March 2005
Reviewed by Annette Gisby, author of Shadows of the Rose and Drowning Rapunzel.
The second book in The Manipulated Evil series, begins where the first one left off. Kyle D'Arcy and the woman he loves, Ravyn, have disappeared and end up in a different world, neither his nor hers. Kyle reluctantly accepted that there was another world than Earth,but more than one?
Ravyn is furious that they have been brought away from a battle where she watched her little brother, Kian, fall and does not know if he is alive or dead. They are greeted by Rania, one of the "Elders", beings not entirely human. But Kyle has seen the strange woman and this world before in his dreams.
Back on earth and Tiernaine a genetically enginereed plague is raging and Ravyn's maniac of a half-brother, Rhynon is bent on revenge. The Elders reveal truths that neither of them could guess at. Can they do anything to stop the evil that was created or is it already too late?
Like the first book, Scattered Souls takes you on a roller coaster ride of a tale. The pace of the book is frantic, just like the characters who know they are running out of time. You are breathless along with them, urging them on, willing things to go right.
The book has a little of everything, sci-fi thriller, action adventure, romance and suspense. With memorable characters and worlds along with a captivating tale, it's a book you won't want to put down.

ŠT.C. McMullen
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