The Manipulated Evil Series a Science Fantasy Thriller Trilogy by T.C. McMullen

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Below, you will find backgrounds from images inspired by The Manipulated Evil Series. All artwork is my design from sketches I drew. These are for your computer desktop, free for your use.  All I ask is that you do not alter them.  More will come as I am able to create them.
These images may not appear clear on this page because of the compressed size for site viewing. 
To apply it to your desktop
  1. Click on the link below the image you choose
  2. Right click on the large image that appears
  3. Choose "Set As Background"
  4. The image should then be your desktop.


click here for RavynBlue


click here for RavynPurple


click here for RaniaBlue



click here for DisaRed



ŠT.C. McMullen
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