The Manipulated Evil Series a Science Fantasy Thriller Trilogy by T.C. McMullen

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"The book has a little of everything, sci-fi thriller, action adventure, romance and suspense. With memorable characters and worlds along with a captivating tale, it's a book you won't want to put down." - Annette Gisby, author of Shadows of the Rose and Drowning Rapunzel.


The portals of The Unseen lead to another world. The phantom woman from the nightmares materializes. Ravyn and Kyle find themselves surrounded with beings not entirely human, beings who are one with the universe and all its mystical powers. Rania, one of sixteen Elders, reveals secrets of a system created by One. A system dependent on balance for survival, a balance hovering precariously close to obliteration. But even with their new knowledge and powerful allies, can Ravyn and Kyle defeat those who believe they are doing right by the people of the worlds without falling to the lost souls themselves?


Rhynon isn't alone.

Another leads the battle in a war larger than Ravyn and Kyle ever dared to imagine...

Released March 2005


Trade Paperback
ISBN 0-9754372-2-4
224 pages
$15.95 USD

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Small Excerpt from Scattered Souls
Chapter Four

Kyle stood close to Ravyn, the entire scene before him surreal and intimidating. These beings were indescribable and Kyle doubted he could ever understand anything they would tell him.


"Sit," the woman with shimmering black eyes spoke the simple word.


"And answer us these questions," the man at her side continued. 


Rania led Kyle and Ravyn to the far wall where two chairs awaited.  No one sat near the chairs, but Disa stood to his side, Rania next to Ravyn.


"She is Ansela, and he, Ansgar.  They are this Abrenia's eldest souls," Rania said.


"This Abrenia?" Ravyn mumbled.


"We are the mother dimension of your worlds, the nurturer of sorts," Ansela spoke.  "What we need from you is to know if you are prepared to learn the creation of everything you have ever known and all that you have not."


Kyle chewed the tender corner of his lip and used the slight pain as a distraction. He didn't know exactly how to answer her question. He hadn't been prepared for half of what he had already learned and didn't know if he ever could be fully prepared for any of it.


"Go for it," Ravyn said. "My existence is no mystery to me."


"So you believe," Ansgar said. "But I assure you, what each of you believes is far from truth, Ravyn, yours the farthest."


"Fine, whatever. Set me straight then," Ravyn said.


final battle of Scattered Souls
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