The Manipulated Evil Series a Science Fantasy Thriller Trilogy by T.C. McMullen

The Unseen

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The Unseen
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"A wonderful weaving of action and adventure with a splash of romance.  The only 'bad' thing is once you read this first book in the Manipulated Evil Series, you won't stop until you have read them all!" — Epstein LaRue, RN, BS, Travel Nurse & Published Author of Love At First Type:  An Online Romance Based On A True Story, Crazy Thoughts of Passion, and Highway Hypodermics:  Your Road Map To Travel Nursing.


Her name is Ravyn. Black-onyx eyes swirl jade and sapphire; fear nothing stance and commanding presence hold the attention of all. The moment Kyle D'Arcy notices this striking woman hidden in shadow, he knows she's involved with secrets he's desperate to unearth.
Kyle's search plunges him into a nightmare fraught with lethal diseases — where allies may also be a force to fear. Ravyn proves to be his savior. But as the battle against an adversary set on destroying humanity spins wildly into the unknown, will he become hers?

Trade Paperback
ISBN 0-9754372-1-6
260 pages
$15.95 USD
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