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Taylor County High JROTC

Staff and their Duties

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Below are some pictures of the JROTC Staff hard at work and
a few of the duties that they are responsible for.

Battalion Commander
This years BC is Cadet LTC Seth Mardis

Seth at Mini Drill Meet

BC's Vision Statement
To experience the enjoyment of JROTC through involvement in a variety of adventurous activities and competition that develop teamwork and create a positive atmosphere.

The specific duties of the Battalion Commander are to:
(a) Command the battalion at all formations;
(b) Ensure that staff members are capable and that they understand their responsibilities
      to the battalion commander, battalion executive officer, and to the corps cadets;
(c) Execute all responsibilities in the name of the Senior Army Instructor;
(d) Be prepared to evaluate any member of the battalion;
(e) Preside over officer calls;
(f) Be responsible for all the battalion does or fails to do.

Battalion Executive Officer
This years XO is Cadet MAJ William Wright

Will at Chicken Dinner Sale At K-Mart

William @ Blanding

The primary duties of the cadet battalion XO are to:
(a) Organize the cadet battalion staff properly and ensure that it works as a team;
(b) Inspect the work of the cadet battalion staff and make other inspections as directed
      by the cadet battalion commander;
(c) Ensure that the battalion staff officers prepare and submit reports on time and that
      they are engaged in future planning;
(d) Act as the commander of troops during ceremonies;
(e) Ensure that instructions and orders issued to the cadet battalion are in accordance
     with the established policies of the cadet battalion commander; report all violations of
     orders to the cadet battalion commander;
(f) Perform other duties as assigned byt eh cadet battalion commander or the instructor

Hospice Grand Opening
Hospice Grand Opening

Battalion Command Sergant Major -CSM
This years CSM is Cadet Sergant Major Patrick Whitt

The duties of the battalions command sergeant major are:
(a) Advise and assist the battalion commander in all matters pertaining to the enlisted
      members of the cadet battalion;
(b) Assist the adjutant in the formation and alignment of the battalion at all battalion
(c) Receive lists of absentees from the companies and submit them to the adjutant;
(d) Supervise the color guard and all flag details; ensure the flag details are properly
(e) Ensure that the battalion area, including the drill field, is maintained in a high state of
      police at all times and that JROTC offices and classrooms are kept neat and orderly;
(f) Assume the command of the battalion in the absence of all officers.

Battalion Adjudant (S-1)
This years S-1 is Cadet SFC Amanda Jennings

Battalion Intelligence and Security Officer (S-2)
This years S-2 is Cadet SSG Zoe Bennett

Zoe At the Car Wash At Wal-Mart

The specific duties of the S-2 are to:
(a) Assist in making periodic inspection sof the security of weapons;
(b) Make periodic inspections of the security of the supply room and equipment storage
(c) Make necessary on-the-spot corrections resulting from security inspections and keep
      the battalion commander and instructor staff informed;
(d) In coordination with the S-1, report incidents that occur which are prejudicial to good
      order and discipline, and submit reports to the instructor staff, the cadet battalion
      commander, and the executive officer.

Battalion's Operations and Training Officer (S-3)
This years S-3 is Cadet MSG Justin Mrotz


Justin - on right, Patrick- on left
Justin Mrotz and Patrick Whitt at Dinning In 06'

Specifically, the principal duties of the S-3 are to:
(a) Prepare the weekly training schedules no later than one week in advance of training;
(b) Assign areas for outdoor training and ensure classrooms are available and prepared
      for instructions;
(c) Inspect the drill field prior to use by the battalion and prepare it for ceremonies;
(d) Coordinate the training of the rifle team(s), drill team(s), Color Guard, and honor
(e) Organize events such as reviews, parades, and extracurricular activities;
(f) Assume command of the battalion in the absence of both the battalion commander
     and the XO.

Battalion Supply and Logistics Officer (S-4)
This years S-4 is Cadet SSG Preston Pitts

Some of the duties of the S-4 are to:
(a) Create a JROTC Clothing and Equiptment Record for each cadet;
(b) Maintain accountability of all equipment and supplies used by the unit;
(c) Ensure that adequate cleaning materials are available for use during assigned
     maintenance activities;
(d) Maintain the supply room in a neat and orderly fashion at all times;
(e) Maintain a running inventory of all supplies/property;
(f) Issue clothing, insignia, and other supply items as dirtected by the battalion
     commander, battalion executive officer, or the instructor staff;
(g) Collect and dispose of excess salvage equipment and clothing.

Battalion Public Affairs Officer (S-5)
This years S-5 is Cadet Cpt. Crystal Moody

(a) Maintain the cadet information board in the
     correct state showing news events of local,
     national, and international interests.
(b) Act as the battalion's point of contact with the
     school newspaper and yearbook committees.
(c) Maintain the cadet battalion scrapbook.
(d) Make recommendations to improve the moral
     and welfare of the cadet battalion.

Battalion Publications
This years S-6 is Cadet SSG Brittany Whitt

More pictures of staff inside and out of JROTC will be posted as the year goes on. Keep looking for updates!