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The Hierarchy Of The Templar Order:


The Grand Master:
Absolute ruler over the order answerable only to the High Priestess of Shal'ille.   Imparts spiritual wisdom and guidance to the guild and ultimately to the patrons of 102.  Supreme defender of the order and the doctrine of Shal'ille.

Grand Master:
`B`r)`k`r(`k`rK`k`r)(`kGrand Master`k`r)(`k`rT`k`r)`k`r(`k


Acts as both deputy and advisor to the Grand Master, handling duties such as political negotiations, military alliances and guild discipline.  The eyes, ears and fists of the Grand Master dealing out his justice and helping to guide the faithful and flock of the guild and 102 to better understand the teachings of Shal'ille and the whims of the Grand Master.



Commander of Knights:
Acts as lieutenants to Seneshals doling out rewards and punishments, guild recruitments and other intraguild affairs.  Majorly responsible for coordination of guild decisions and orders in battle between Seneshals and Grand Master to Turcopliers and Turcopoles.  Each Commander of Knights leads a Knight Templar battle unit and was responsible for readying the troops for battle and directing the actions of their Turcopliers and Turcopoles in each campaign.



The purpose of the Turcoplier is to provide direction and inspiration to the Turcopoles and train them in the ways of battle and conduct of a Knight Templar.  Each Turcoplier acts as a lieutenant to their Commander of Knights.  The Turcopliers have demonstrated a superior command of the rules of conduct of the Knights Templar and prowess in battle.  The Turcoplier is the most recognizable and most easily approached member of The Knights Templar and as such represents the guild best to new recruits and more importantly the general populace.

`B`b`k(`b`kK`b`k)`b`k(`bTurcoplier`k)`b`k(`b`kT`b`k)`b `k


The troops and main force of The Knights Templar.  Turcopoles are pledges and recruits that have not yet demonstrated their knowledge and grasp of the rules of conduct and valor and prowess in battle.  Turcopoles are trained and guided through the rules of conduct and trained in the style of ultimate warfare, both spiritual and phsyical, of a Knight Templar by their Turcopliers and Commander of Knights.  A Turcopole is what a recruit becomes when entering the Knights Templar and the first step on their journey to Commander of Knights, and thusly, true spiritual enlightenment and their ultimate destiny as a purely destructive force in the name of Shal'ille.

`B)`g`k`gK`k`g`k(`gTurcopole`k)`g`k`gT`k`g`k( `g


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