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Trevor G. Browne High School J.R.O.T.C 7th Battalion

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Trevor G. Browne JROTC 7th Battalion is a class on campus that teaches military skills and leadership. The course is open to any type of student, whether they would like to join the military or would just like to have a challenge.
 We have 3 Army Instructors MSG/Gunderson, SFC/Andreasen, and COL/Konfederak. The instructors teach everything from basic drill and ceremonies to map reading and first aid. Other than learning in class the students have a choice to join the teams that Trevor Browne's JROTC has to offer such as Armed Drill Team, Unarmed Drill Team, Rattlers, Color Guard or Rifle Team. The teams compete both locally and even have the opportunity to go out of state.  
Students who are in JROTC for three or more years and decide to go into the military after high school will enter with one rank higher than the others enlisted no matter what branch they decide to go into.  With the knowledge and leadership skills that you'll develop here in JROTC and with entering the military, you will be prepared.
The course isn't to make you into a soldier, but will give you discipline, leadership, and will teach you to become a better citizen.


The mission of JROTC is to motivate High School students to become better citizens. As a cadet you will be embarking on one of the biggest adventures of your life. JROTC will also help develop your self confidence, leaderships potential, physical strength skills, and your mental strength skills. You will develop patriotism, loyalty, duty,and respect as a JROTC cadet.