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Welcome to The Cyber I. We are a FREE website for the purpose of bringing together people who like to chat on a number of subjects. Just some of the subjects we feature are : Politics, News, Automotive, Aviation, Spirituality, Entertainment, Guns/Martial Arts, and much more.

Our Policies

The rules of participation are pretty straightforward:

The Rules:

1. No SPAM

2. No blatant personal attacks or flames

3. No gratuitous profanity

4. No pornography

5. Posts advocating violence against other members or illegal activity will be removed.

6. Troll like activity will not be permitted.

7. Staff retains the right to rule under special circumstances.

By proceeding from here and/or registering with the site, you agree to these terms.

We recommend you proceed to the Welcome Wagon for instructions on how to register, as the process can be confusing for some. Also, it is a great place to introduce yourself, and get to know us better.

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Becoming a Member

You MUST register with EZBoard. Membership is otherwise free and open to anyone. We do however reserve the right to ban troublemakers w/o notice.

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Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

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